Runescape Agility Academy For Ninjas


Are you tired of running in circles and will be to find a brand new and exciting way to train agility? That's what we are going to explain. We have collected the idea from the Runelabs, Master Fin Agility Academy. Read the explaination blow carefully.

Master Fin is a well know Agility master in the Eastern land who decided to share some of his new agility training methods with you. The academy is located on an island south east of Port Phasmatys were player need 50 agility to jump across platforms to the island.

In the academy there is a bunch of new dynamic ways to get exp in agility.

Fighting Ninjas. In the academy there is a room were players can fight ninja NPC in hand to hand combats. If you defeat the ninja you gain agility exp depend on the tier of ninja you face, you can also get ninja token.

Koi fish Fishing. There is a pond in the middle of the academy where players can fish Koi fish. The Koi fish mostly hang out in the middle of teh lake so players need to use leaves, water lilies, stones and bamboo pillars to get to the middle of the lake. When you catch a Koi fish they will leave behind a Koi fish scale that can be used to make a Adrenaline renewal potion.

Bamboo forest Arena. This Arena is located behond the Academy it has a ground and upper floor. In the Arena players must used their agility to get to glowing shrines in the forest to get rewarded with ninja token. A chi sphere will spawn in the arena if a player grab the sphere they will get agil exp and will receive bonus agil exp while doing an obstacles in the arena. However, if another player want the sphere they can challenge the player in hand to hand combat. Winner gets the sphere loser kneel in defeat.

Balancing Stands. Player can also gather water in a bowl and balance it on their head while training agility on the balancing stand. The level of exp depend on the amount of water in the bowl. If there is no water, players will have to run down the rocky hill and get more.

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