Runescape Mimic Crystal Shapeshifter Boss


Let's introduce you the player-suggested boss. If you feel interested, please support her and like us. Here comes the Mimic-crystal shapeshifter boss, a product of the Anima Mundi on Tarddiad.

This creature has set up a liar on Gielinor and is multiplying. Typically it acts like a trapdoor spider and one creature can split into multiple parts pretending to be items that people would use or take and then attacks trying to trap the unwary in a crystal cocoon for eating later.

One such form you might know of the Bank Chest, except this one has large teeth in the lid and legs to chase you. Others you might see, like the cupboard that attacks with ranged crockery. The wardrobe that tries to eat you and has a AoE magic attack that looks like clothing and can inhibit vision.

Armour that has teeth running vertically down the chest, and what a big mouth it has. Or the toilet and its water magic. Think Amityville Horror, you get the idea, everyday items are out to get you.

Defeat these parts to reassemble the main Boss, A crystalline shapeshifter. This amorphous crystal changes slightly to counter your combat style. It has access to curses, mainly defensive ones. You can knock its prayer down for a while, using the relevant abilities, though they are more effective than they would normally be in this case.

It also feeds off of your adrenaline and the more dangerous you become the better it can become at healing, leaving your adrenaline to idle at 100% is a very bad thing. It will also start to spawn clones if you take too long to kill it.

It has increasing defence against combat styles, the more melee is used, the more defence against it. Switching style would send it into cooldown. But it only has so many points to spend on that defence so when 2 styles go up high enough the 3rd drops making it weaker against that, as far as long as it is not attacked with it.

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