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OldSchool The July Ahead

July is here and it would be a good month for the Old School. The tournament arena here in mid-July, shortly followed by the tournament itself! We also got a major rework of the conflict arena to help ease the process of fighting with others while also drastically reducing the possibility of fraud.

Duel Arena Rework

Mod Maz is hard at work revamping the duel arena to make it a better piece of content. In addition to being drawn into the conflict arena as a whole, with some new features that make dueling arena more pleasant a lot of experience.

Rule presets

It is now possible to save and load a selected set of rules for duels. When the screen challenges, choose the policy you want to create a preset for and click 'Save as Preset' option. You will now be able to load the rules at the click of a button using the 'Load Preset'.

It is also possible to choose to use the same rules as your previous conflicts. Simply click on the option 'Load last duel'.

Anti-scamming proposal

Scamming is, unfortunately, been a problem in the conflict arena for long as the conflict arena exists. With the conflict settlement arena we have added a number of anti-scamming measures.

When a change is made to the rules on the 'Accept' can not be clicked on for a few seconds. This means that it is impossible to quickly change the rules and outwit your opponent. It is also triggered by changes in the item staked.

One other big change is the redesign of the second screen.

Changes in the second screen

The second screen that appears when starting a duel was given a makeover. It now provides more information about what you are potential conflicts admission is required. You can see exactly what the rules are set, including specifications about which slot machines are enabled.

The Arena Tournament

We are really excited about the first ever Runescape Competitive Tournament and we want to give every player the chance to see what it is all about. In mid-July we are opening servers contest every player!

Which means that you can and 4 of your friends log onto one of the designated tournament server and fight another group of players in the special contest arena. Your account has been buffed so they maxed level and be able to select the best equipment to fight with!

Once you have finished the tournament server can log back to normal and bring the game servers leveling from where you were before. What happens to the server of the contest, remain on the server of the contest!

The server of the contest will only be open for three weeks so that you have only a limited opportunity to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Prepare your team and find out how good you really are!

The Tournament

On the 24th of July we will be hosting the first ever RuneScape Competitive Tournament. You and four friends in unique PvP battle arenas, with the best account and best equipment in the Old School to win a share of $ 10,000! If you think PKers among the best out there, you now have the chance to prove it! We are providing $ 5,000 to the first place team, $ 3,000 to the second team in place and $ 2,000 in the 3rd team place.

This tournament is 100% online, avoiding the hassle of bringing everyone into one location and lets players compete in tournaments from the comfort of their own home. Of course, will live stream the entire event at Twitch.

This tournament will allow us to dip our toes in the competitive gaming scene and help us gauge the potential to host a larger scale tournament in a place like RuneFest.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying to become a part of the tournament you can proceed to the application page to enter. Applications close on July 3 so be sure to get yours while you can!


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