RS Dimensions disaster Shield of Arrav


Starting from Orlando Smith (Zombie) chathead Head to New Varrock Museum and talk to Orlando Smith learned that Zemouregal stole shield Arrav and hidden inside each piece New Varrock bank. You will also learn that the Phoenix Gang and the Black Hand Gang gang seeking revenge.
Note: If this is your second play-through, do not forget to choose the opposite gang in order to complete "the South and West Side Story" task. If they do not, you'll have to play the quest for a third time to complete the task. Black Arm Gang Katrina (Zombie) chathead If you want to join the Black Arm Gang, talk to Charlie the Tramp, near the southern gate of Varrock, to learn the location of their HQ. Head down the end of the alley to the Black Arm Gang Hideout and talk to Catherine about gangs. Tell her you want to conduct bank business. It will tell you how to join a gang you have to take the left hand of Johnny Beard. Fighting Jonny Brad Battle with Jonny himself. The head of the Blue Moon Inn and talk to Johnny Chin twice to start the contest. After nearly killing him, he will give you his hand back. After that, go back to Catherine to join the Black Arm Gang. Katrin will give you a lockpick and tell you to talk to the forger, Moira, in the back room. It gives you a pass alerts to the door, such as Midnight is regrettable. These vary from player to player and repeat attempts. He's talking to Moira, and she will give you two forged documents. Phoenix Gang
Fear (Zombie) chathead If you want to join the Phoenix Gang, go to the square and talk to Baraek fur stand. He can be bribed for 2 zemomarks to drop the VTAM Corporation and fear. The head of the VTAM Corporation along the south wall and speak with fear about that wishes to conduct bank business. You'll have to prove himself to join the Phoenix Gang. Fear shall order to return the Phoenix eggling from Lowe, bow seller. Head to the bow shop and talk to Lowe regarding phoenix eggling. Head up and carefully go to shake the eggs without touching any other eggs. (Telekinetic grab can not be used.) If you touch any other eggs, Phoenix in the room will kill you with a powerful ranged attack. Do not worry, you do not lose anything to the death. It's all dialogue with Zemouregal about how he wanted to turn to zombies. After laying the egg moves you escape the room. Back in fear from egg to join the Phoenix Gang. He will not be happy that you bring him an egg, not a baby phoenix. Fix the situation by choosing clapping or hitting, which will incubate the egg in cute or mean Phoenix eggling. After joining the band, to talk to Molly that accepts two forged documents.
Restoring ShieldEdit Get the shield Arrav Get the half shield Arrav the skeleton clerk. Now you can go to the banks to take two shield Arrav. In this way, without any false documents, however, will result in Skeleton officer informing you that you need the approval Zemouregal the shield. Take one forged document for each of the banks - one west of the castle, the other near the museum - and mostly with Skeleton officer (Note: the east coast servant above) to retrieve each half.
When you have both halves, use them on each other to form a complete shield Arrav. Return to Orlando Smith and give him a shield to complete the Quest.