What You Can Expect This Week In Runescape


This week in runescape gold , you are able to play the newly-updated game content and the other competitive events. Not only this week, but the whole summer. Besides, they should fix the bugs occurred in the game so that you can enjoy your adventure smoothly. Here are what you can expect this week in runescape.

Graphically, Arrav, Defender of Varrock, Curse of Arrav, Zemouregal and others have been graphically updated. A graphical issue when female characters wore both the firemaker's tabard and TokHaar-Kal cape has been fixed. A missing lamp post has been restored to the first floor of Lletya.

Both main and off-hand variants of the rubber chicken and turkey will now sheathe to the correct position. Willow and yew shieldbow strings now stay attached to the bow when fired. Pernix chaps and Tuska warpriest legs will no longer clip through capes. Shadow knight legs no longer stratch on female characters.

The logic of the Hero's Welcome post-quest fight has been improved to prevent the target from head-smashing walls. Skulgrimen no longer speaks about V before the Hero's Welcome quest is started.

Players can no longer grief other players by using mithril bars on mithril dragons during the Hero's Welcome quest, they must be used on a dragon engaged in combat first by the user. The first balcony cutscene in Zemouregal's Wilderness base in Defender of Varrock has been reworked. The sacred forge cutscene in Defender of Varrock has been reworked.

The Barrows Brothers now correctly start to attack Arrav after he is summoned during a cutscene in Ritual of the Mahjarrat. Ritual of the Mahjarrat cutscenes have been updated to use letterbox mode, and some camera angles have been fixed. Arrav's heart is now put into his chest during the fourth wave of a Ritual of the Mahjarrat cutscene.

Others, the early bird bonus for adamant and rune dragons has now ended. Mr Ex now offers players an option to never remove Ironman mode. Players now need to wait 7 days to remove Ironman mode, in case a player has been hijacked. This can be bypassed by registering an authenticator to the account.

Players can now open a beast of burden's inventory into a tab to allow for easier use. Players using non-legency interface mode can click on the summoning points bar to toggle displaying familiar special attack points.

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