4rsgold Adopt a Big Cat to support conservation work of WWF


Answering quiz questions in a special edition gift Big Cats of gout and bonds to adopt four companions cat and unlock exclusive tracks - raising awareness of the situation of these endangered animals, in partnership with WWF.

Head to Burthorpe and talk to the Conservationist to start. Quiz Big Cats begin twice per hour - an hour and a half. Answer the questions correctly to earn points, which can be used to unlock titles and adopt companions.

You can also talk to the Conservationist donate to WWF using Bonds. Each Bond gave the Conservationist through July 20th-August 17th Jagex donation of at least £ 2.85 to WWF to support their global conservation effort.

This allows you to take more companions, and generates non-Ironman characters a great gift for cats Obligation - containing 7 Treasure Hunter Keys.

Update: We are about to implement a solution to enable Ironman characters to donate Bonds and adopt lions and leopard cubs snow.

Talk to the Conservationist to open the Sanctuary interface, where you can win your companions and your unlock titles.


Jaguar Cub | 9 points

Tiger Cub | 9 points

Lion Cub | 1 Bond

Snow Leopard Cub | 5 Obligations (total)

For the next four weeks, you can use a beast of burden of the pocket on one cub companions to give the same benefits to your feline friend.


Snowy title Assassin | 2 points

Stealth Predator title | 2 points

King of the Jungle title | 2 points

The Big Cats quiz lasts two weeks - the first theme week about jaguars and the second around tigers. You can earn up to 12 points in the first week and 24 in the second.

As a bonus, participation in the event will also earn you XP lamps:

Answer a Question Jaguar Week | 1 small lamp XP

Answer all the questions of the Jaguar Week 12 | 1 lamp XP environment

Answer a Question Tiger Week | 1 small lamp XP

Answer all the questions Week 12 Tiger | 1 lamp XP environment

The Conservationist will stay around for another two weeks to allow access to the sanctuary.

Get involved and give generously over the next two weeks, and tell your friends about this fantastic cause. You can learn more about our other charity events in the game to support WWF below.

Visit the WWF website, too, and learn more about impressive work they do to protect endangered species on the planet.

Big Cats in Burthorpe

Mazcab | Content Solo

Portal Mazcab was open for a week now, and even if you are not ready to attack, there is a whole load to do there.

Make sure to check if you have not already - there are no entry requirements, and the bizarre, alien Forest Nemi is ripe for exploration by anyone. goebies lost rescue, handling antiques and approach life exotic plants to discover the lore long buried secrets, animals and more.

You can reach Mazcab talking to Chambers Assistant on the waterfront between Lumbridge and Al Kharid - it will teleport you directly to the back of Tuska, where you will find the gate. Alternatively, head to the magnet Bandit Camp or head south along the coast Kharidian Desert, then swim towards the fallen body of Tuska.

Ninja Fixed | Vampyres

Later this year comes the next quest in the series Myreque deliciously dark, so Ninjas yet made their boldest infiltration. They slipped into a coffin made Morytania and load settings, corrections and quality improvements (un) life to Myreque quests and the region in general.

Read patch notes for more details. If you still have to play this series of beloved quests - which is a requirement of the new quest - there has never been a better time to do it. Steel your nerve and prepare now!

Live stream the user Week

Every week we developer flows Q & As, in-game events and more. Watch our creeks and find a full schedule on streaming on our Twitch channel.

Visit our YouTube channel, too, for the recap video stream that you missed, including Raids Summary and Runecrafting last week tease!

Developer Q & A: Elite NPC generates | 4:00 p.m. UTC, Tuesday, July 21

Joining the regular cast of JMods on streaming sofas as they take your questions, and present some of what you can expect from Elite NPC spawns, due out this month!

Ask your questions about the forums on Reddit, or on Twitter using the hashtag #RSDevQA.

Community Component: Charity Bot Busting | 8:00 p.m. UTC, Tuesday, July 21

Sign Mods JD and James as they take some bots and give the loot to WWF. Charity and hilarity will ensue. Do not miss it!

Community Events

Barrows for WWF | Friday, July 24, 3:00 p.m. UTC | Barrows, World 138

We will organize a mass Barrows on Friday for WWF. All the spoils will be converted into bonds and donated to charity - charities get and make sure you take part!


Roleplay Raid

Every day a step of an adventure will be developed on the forums, and the decisions players make will help shape the raid. Join us in creating a history of hunting through a dark dungeon for monsters, treasures and glory, one day at a time! Rewards include members and Runecoins and RuneScape goodies.

Discover Roleplay Raid forum thread if you are ready for the challenge!

Players Gallery

Get out your pencils - there is a new player in town gallery! It is time to draw Mazcab - are you ready for the challenge?

Contest Winners

Discover the impressive winners Player Gallery 52 - taking control of nature - and our designing your T-shirt competitions Evolution - there are some great entries there!


Have a great week, 'scrapers, and tell us what you think about the forums.

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