Runescape Simple Idea For Daganoth Queens


A simple idea from a runescape player who did a Daganoth task at the DK's Daganoth Queens. After that, he came up with the ideas posted here and kind of practical. Read and feedback.

The DK's have a really shoddy drop table these days with all the rings being so low in price, especially the Archers ring. So how to upgrade their droptable?

The general principle would be the same as the kings, Melee range and mage in the same room, that just hard enough to where prayer is absolutely necessary. Even with all the updates done to the DK's, they are still a pushover especially for higher tier'd players. Most of these drops will try to push forward item sinkd for the DK rings. Cost of repair will be that of the previous, few items excluded.

Daganoth Suprma(Range): Basically the same attack but does 2 attacks at a single time.

Drops: Archers bone-An attachment to the archers ring that doubles the bonus's on it. Daganoth Teeth-An attachment to the dragon hatchet, making a new t75 woodcutting axe.

Daganoth Prima(mage): The ability to teleport the players randomly throughout the arena. An ability to summon 2 Daganoth from daganoth eggs within her chest.

Drops: Seer's focus-An attachment to the Seer's ring that doubles the bonus's on it. Daganoth Talons-an attachment to the Dragon pickaxe, making a new t75 pickaxe that has a 5% chance of mining double the ore, or has a 5% chance of double exp on the ore.

Daganoth Rox(melee): Has the ability to stun the character for 3 second and dealing bleed Dot while stunned. While maintaining rex's attack style.

Drops: Warriors heart-an attachment to the Warriors ring that doubles the bonus on it. Berserker's rage-an attachment to the Berserker ring that doubles the bonus on it.

No other unique drops for this character. Now some might be asking why not give Rox a third dropable item like the other two? Well to try and even out the droptable a bit in comparison. There could be upgrades to the mudbattlestaff and the Seercull bow, but we've already have plenty of weapons that these items would just fade into the backround.

This is a basic idea, if you have any further ideas or good suggestions please let know to make it better.