You apperceive that Runescape now has a 10 players raid


You apperceive that the Old Man Runescape just refuses to confine itself to a comfortable agitation chair—pipe on feet, and acclaim puffing at a brace of slippers.Buy RS Gold. No, instead the 14-year-old MMO has just alien raids. Well, a raid.

It's a 10-player affair, and will crave players to biking to the new planet of Mazcab to do action with the minions of Tuska. Who's Tuska? A apple devourer, it turns out, who was defeated as allotment of a contempo apple event.

There will, of course, be new rewards—including new armour and action abilities.

The new apple aswell appearance a PvP minigame, a procedurally generated forest, and a agglomeration of mini-quests for the planet's inhabitants. The ones that don't wish to eat accomplished planets, that is.

Raids are a members-only affair, and so not accessible to the game's free-to-players.

With how aggressive annual hacking is with this game, you would anticipate they would be added accessible absent if it came to appeals. a lot of of the time, they can just analysis annual login history and IP abode comparisons. But aback they don't accord a rats ass about their players, Ive ashen over 10 years with this game.

I've absent my capital a few years aback and acquire been acutely bootless with an appeal. I feel as if it's deleted now so I can't even accumulate trying. It pains me because I was a affiliate for about 3 years and put a lot of time and accomplishment into my account. My teen-hood was into this bold and do the mods care?

What fabricated it worse for me is they let me go through the action of convalescent my annual and displace the passwords, etc. Alone to acquisition out it was banned and they don't acquire appeals. I aswell acquire a awaiting address to a 72 hour ban that has gone unresponded to for...

2 years. Their chump account is a joke. Honestly, I am a accommodating and reasonable person. If I fuck up, afresh I fucked up, but this is above insane. Id rather accord with that comcast abutment guy who wouldn't abolish the person's account than Jagex abutment because at atomic they will allocution to you.

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