Runescape Raids Skilling Boss


Not long ago, Runescape updated the raids. It seems to have been a massive success with the community, and also caused mass aggravation. So we have some suggestion to make it better. This is from the Runescape forum by one of the rs gold players.

Scenario, beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru have fallen. Your raiding party delves into a cave from the beach and head up a mountain pass. As you approach the peak you come across a bowl shaped canyon full of flora and fauna with a large flower in the center of the canyon.

Upon investigating the flower the air turns toxic and the environment suddenly changes from pleasant to a foul miasma. Your raid party ready your weapons but this mighty flower sees oddly impervious to weapons and cannot be killed by conventional means.

The environment is a bowl shaped canyon containing a big dip within the centre. The outer rim of the canyon contains many high ledges not easily accesssed but rich in resources and flora. Small springs are spread around the edges of the arena as water slowly leaks out of the canyon face draining away slowly to the centre. Standing tall amongst on the highest cliff face of the canyon s a giant Goebie statue, depicting a Goebie elder. It gives off the impression that the canyon was of major cultural significance to the Goebies in the past and may be related to their role in the regulation of Mazcabs anima mundi.

Boss introduction, this boss is basically a giant plant. When Tuska attacked Mazcab the plants anima mundi was ravaged and in chaos. This plant partially cut off from the planets anima mundi began to wither, however a dark energy sustained the plant and corrupted it into the monstrosity it is now.

In general terms, this boss battlew will be environmental. As players will be unable to directly damage the boss with conventional means they will need to make full use of their environment to deal damage through the fight.

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