Runescape Pay2play melee training


This article provides information to members on effective ways to train Attack, Strength, and Constitution by fighting in melee. It contains tips and general training suggestions for appropriate monsters to kill for a wide range of levels. In this article, the monsters are classified according to the level of training proficiency, not the recommended overall combat level.

This article assumes that players train Attack, Strength, and Constitution more or less equal. Otherwise, see the pure melee guide.


General Training Notes

Use the best equipment you have a gun and has a style that the monster you are fighting for is low. (For example, moss giants are low for reducing attacks so it is a good idea to attack them with weapons such as the abyssal whip or sword dragon 2h rather than weapons using crush or stab).

Complete Slayer tasks wherever possible to form Slayer while forming other combat skills. (+ Bonus att / str 10%, while wearing a black mask or killer bar when on a task). However, remember that the Slayer tasks can give you monsters with magic or weaknesses remotely, rather than melee.

Wear wealth ring whenever fighting a monster that falls articles on rare drop table if you are interested in rather than precious drops slightly faster rate of rings with statistics-combat experience.

An emergency teleport that can be activated with a single click can be useful to avoid death. A teleport home tablet is simple: cheap and could end up being a lifesaver.

Use potions to increase skill levels is essential to maximize the rate of experience. A great game (made of super attack, super strength and super defense potions) is recommended. For those who have completed the End of the Plague and unlocked the recipe, a Super Potion scrum is more preferable than a set of super.

End of some of the easiest quests such as fighting Arena, Holy Grail, Waterfall Quest, Scorpion Catcher and Tree Gnome Village provides an effective combat experience if done at a low level of combat.


Healing abilities are a must have for extending the duration of a training trip. The capacity of resonance is a basic level of defense capacity, causing the next blow to heal instead of damage you. Rejuvenate is an ultimate defense capability that restores 40% of your health over several seconds. Regenerate is a Basic Constitution capacity using whatever adrenaline you have left to restore your health if you are not in combat.

Although the resonance and rejuvenating capabilities require a shield to be equipped, simply equip the shield for as long as it takes to activate the ability if you prefer ambidexterity or use weapons in both hands.

Another great healing capacity of Guthix Blessing, you will heal 8% of your maximum health every two seconds to ten seconds. This capability should be used only when they are not in direct combat with a monster like convened butterfly can be attacked and killed, prematurely ending the effect.

Consider using capacity thresholds instead of those ultimate; damage threshold is lower, but they use less adrenaline, which means more than one may be used in a row.

Configure your action bar before going into battle, making sure all the capabilities you want to use are there, and all abilities are those that you can use with the weapons you have. Remember that you can have several bars set up at once, and there is no penalty for a change which one you use.

Common equipment, accessories, and configurations


Each melee weapon attack can form, strength, and defense. Just click on the button and abilities to choose the skill you want to train.

Note weaknesses of monsters and use them. Using a weapon to crash against a weak monster to crush gives greater chance to hit against this monster, and significantly higher strike. Avoid monsters who have a weakness for ranged attacks, as they will have a very high defense to melee attacks.

Always use the highest level of weapons you can handle and afford. Better weapons ensure higher damage output and a greater chance of hitting.

The abyssal whip is a popular weapon for combat training because of its fast attack speed and low cost. It can be upgraded to the abyssal whip vine (a level 75 weapon) but this requires level 80 Slayer. The equivalent excluding non-degradable hand for abyssal Whip is improved Excalibur.

The next best weapons above Whip / Excalibur are chaotic (level 80) and Drygore weapons (level 90). However chaotic and drygore weapons degrade with use and incur a maintenance cost.

Main Main: Drygore armament> Chaotic arming> sword Korasi / Abyssal whip vine> abyssal whip

Off-hand weapons Drygore> Chaotic weapons> swords Jessika> Enhanced Excalibur> Off-hand dragon claw

Two Handed: Stubborn false> Chaotic maul / >> launched Chaotic Godswords weapons Barrows


For the formation of long fights, consider wearing high defense and hit point armor (as Barrows armor). This allows the extended training in one sitting. However, a better choice for training would be to use an offensive armor (like Bandos armor), as it will increase your firepower and killing at a faster pace.

Barrows armor is a cheaper alternative to the Bandos armor, and can be used with the corresponding set of powerful weapons effects. The compromise, however, is that it degrades with use, meaning that it will result in a maintenance cost. Alternatively, the Void Knight armor melee (the Pest Control mini-game) has an overall effect of increasing attack power and bonuses, but at the price of having low defensive stats. This is a viable way to make quick scrimmage because of the increased production of damage, if you are ready to use the extra food or, where appropriate, Soul Split.

Sacred clay equipment, reward Stealing Creation, gives a set amount of experience bonus that is rewarded as players train. This allows players to wear any armor, while continuing to receive the experience bonus. However, you can usually gain more experience by killing monsters than the time it takes to get a sacred clay piece of equipment. Therefore most players choose to use their Stealing Creation on skills that cost money to train rather than fight, is generally profitable.

armor types:

Top Defense: Tetsu armor> Barrows armor> armor Dragon> Rune Armour

Attack Bonus: Torva armor> armor Bandos> Void Knight melee set> Rock-shell Armour

Accessories and other equipment

Having a good set-up includes overall using the best accessories too, like cloaks, rings and amulets. These articles are usually the best to use:

Cape Town: Cape Completionist> cape Max> TokHaar-Kal> Fire cape> (Coupe) skills cape> Obsidian cape

Gloves (offensive) gauntlets Razorback> Torva gloves> gloves> gloves Bandos Rockshell

Gloves (defensive): pneumatic gloves> gloves Culinaromancer (10)

Boots (offensive) Torva boots> boots Bandos> Rockshell boots

Boots (defensive): Steadfast boots> dragon boots

Ring: Ring Warrior (i)> Sixth Circuit Ages> ring> ring Warrior> Berserker Ring> Ring of asylum surgeon wealth

Amulet: the feisty final necklace> Saradomins murmur> Fury Amulet> Amulet of glory> Amulet of power

Aura: Vampyrism> Equilibrium


After the battle of Evolution, food is much less necessary than before. In general, most of the time you will not need food if you use healing abilities as Rejuvenate an ultimate capacity that restores 40% of your health (but requires a shield, and that can not be used 'once every 300 seconds, because of last update), Regenerate, which can be used outside of combat to convert remaining adrenaline in health, and resonance, making the next attack you strikes heal instead of doing damage.

Other healing methods include:

Food Use

Guthan the equipment Infested has excellent defense bonus, a two-handed weapon possible, and a set of fact, that players can use to heal. However, the use of this Guthan has some drawbacks. The use of Guthan bar prevents the use of other elements in the header, as a killer bar or a face shield. Furthermore, although the spear Guthan is a good training weapon, it pales in comparison more powerful weapons such as Godswords and chaotic Drygore arm /.

Bones to Peaches spell is unlocked at the Mage Training Arena allows players to convert bones and large bone in fisheries, each of which heals 80 hit points. Players that are not released this spell can buy and use instead the bones for tablets fisheries.

Soul Split requires 92 Prayer and access to ancient curses. It heals 10% of its user damage if activated during a successful attack against a monster. Due to its rapid emptying rate, many players use the technique of flashing prayer drastically reduce, or completely cancel, please drain point.

Passive effect of the divine sword Saradomin, Healing Blade, has a chance to heal the player 3% points and 3% prayer all successful 25% points.

Auras like vampirism helps healing the player 5% damage inflicted on every shot.

Familiar healing such as the Bunyip and Unicorn stallion.


Potions are well worth the extra cost. They greatly increase your rate xp / hour of training.

It can help get 96 Herbalism overload makes the training much faster. Other extreme extreme crisis such as potions, strength, and defense are also worth the extra cost.

If you are unable to create or extreme overload due to a low level Herbalism, super sets work well too.

Regular combat potions are more profitable than attack potions and resistance potions because they combine the effects of both while being cheaper than the two combined individual elements.