Two new updates in RuneScape


28 April, the RS and Ninja team has brought players two interesting updates: awesome master skillcapes and useful combat improvements.

Everyone knows that in Runescape each skill tops at level 99. It is a great pride to make your way to level 99 and being rewarded by a skill cape. But many players are not satisfied with just that, they keep earning XP after level 99. Those hardcore players deserve to be recognized. Now they can show off their mastery with the master skillcapes. Any skill with XP above 104,273,167 (equals to level 120) can claim its unique and cool master skillcape with a cost of 120,000 coins. For detailed capes look, check the official Runescape website.

The RS team has no intend to increase the upper limit of skill level 99. These capes are only designed for those who pay extra efforts in training skills. Master Skillcapes have exact data as regular ones. You also should know that Master Skillcapes do not have a separate hood and cannot be kept in a player-owned house.

Some of the most popular features in Combat Beta go live in game today based on a community vote. Here is a list of the improvements:

•The quick Inventory slots have been removed from action bar. Two more action are added.

• More accurate information is displayed above your target on the pane which now also can be put anywhere on the screen.

• Now players can make chat always active by toggling the new icon at chat channel UI top. By doing so you also disable all key binds.

PVP combat now gives you XP too!

When you kill an opponent and rank one of the top 16 damage dealers to that opponent, you can earn XP in accordance to the amount of damage you contribute. While you are the victim and get killed by others, you also earn XP whose amount depends on how much damage you did to up to 16 players. This new feature is effective right now, so if you don’t want to gain Combat XP, one thing you must do is to turn off auto revenge feature, especially when you enter a PvP area.

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