RS Guide Thieving level 1 to 99 method


This guide aims to teach you how to get level 99 Thieving in a most effective way.

Thieving is commonly acknowledged as one the easiest skills to reach full level.

Still patience is always needed.

Before starting the training you need to finish the Buyers and Cellars quest in order to do certain things mentioned in this guide. We suggest you to wear amour because each time you fail in pickpocket you will take one damage.

For level 1 to 35, you should go Pickpocketing Volunteer in Thieving Guild. The XP you gained rises in accordance to your level. It is efficient until you reach level 35.

For level 35 to 50, you are encouraged to do Advanced Chest or Dorr Picking, place Thieves Guild. You can gain 60-100k XP/hour. You can open doors and chests in multiple worlds at the same time to gain more XP, while you travel between worlds you can keep doing pickpocket volunteers to earn even more XP.

For level 50 to 65, we suggest you to do Coshing Volunteer in Thieving Guild. It’s similar to Pickpocketing Volunteer because your XP gaining rate varies with your level. A Rubber Blackjack from Dodgy Derek is a must. You need to complete the Blackjack part of quest "The Feud" first to get the jack in the Thieving Guild, cost only 1 gp. You also need two capers for Guildmaster Darren Lightfinger.

For level 65 to 95, you should steal from the Menaphite Thugs. Place is in Pollniveach, XP earning rate is 235K per hour! Make sure you have finished quest ‘Buyers and Cellars’ and quest ‘The Feud’ as well as their respective sub-quests ‘Tiny Acorns’ and ‘Rouge Traders’. To finish “The Feud”, you need to kill a level 78 Bandit Champion and Tough guy. This means Skillers cannot use this method. Skillers have no option but keep Coshing Volunteers to level 99.

Finally 95 to 99, you should loot from the Monkey Knife Fighter in Ape Atoll. The XP gaining rate is 300K per hour. The XP grows fastest in this period but also tiring and boring. The requirement is the completion of quest ‘Monkey Madness and Do No Evil’ and a Gorilla Gregree. When you get really bored by repeating this, you can try Pyramid Plunder with more fun but less XP. However focus on Monkey Knife Fighter you can get extra Rune Scimitars, even Dragon Scimitars.

Using this method, your thieving can level up to 99 in 3-4 days, as long as you have enough patience and focus.