One of a kind Quest Guide Part I


Runescape has just released a new quest a few days earlier. Let us share a simple quest guide with you.

To start, go to Varrock Museum, down the basement staircase room, ask Mr.Mordaut about One of a Kind. Help him investigate the journal ‘Hannibus Hunted’ and find Hannibus’s location. After reading the journal, Mr.Mordaut tells you that long ago Mahjarrat Enakhra made Hannibus a statue and Robert the Strong discovered it and took it too his library. Suggest him that Bob the Cat will be helpful. Find Bob with your Catspeak Amulet, ask Bob to find the library of Robert the Strong. However he remembers nothing but only tells you that he has a ‘human pet’ named Unferth and his house felt like home. Tell him you want to check the house.

In northeast of Burthorpe castle, enter Unferth’s house and investigate the house. Search everything you can until Unferth gets angry so that you are able to remove the carpet under which there is a trapdoor. Now enter Robert’s library. You’ll find book ’Animate Rock Notes ‘

You need to solve a riddle to activate the incantation. Take a bottle of Iron oxide and use it on your Emerald to get an Animate Rock scroll, by reading which you will set free the statue at the south side of the room. Now Hannibus the Dragon Rider awakes. He will tell you the secret history of his people. Try to suggest him go back home, and choose to search the library for a method of travelling between worlds. In the bookcase, find a Gragonkin Primer which is a translator and gives you information about strange statues located around the world. In the map behind Hannibus, you will find some locations written in Gragonkin language. Use the primer to translate them.

You need to find at least two of mysterious statues, all locations are: east of Seers’ Village bank; west of Brimhaven POH portal; north of the Tower of Life; south east of the Fishing Guild entrance. In the first statue you find, read the animate rock scroll to make it talk. After its speech, rotate the statue in the right direction. For the 2nd statue simply rotate it to correct direction is enough, the remaining 2 statues will give you extra 10k XP if you choose to do it. All statues gaze to Entrana, so go to Port Sarim, deposit all your armor and weapons on the northern dock and travel to Entance. On Entrana, headin northwest you will discover a statue partially shown in the sea. Read the scroll again, statue will tell you the history of the Creators.

In your primer’s first page, 3 words have been translated as 'Dragon Forinthry Dungeon'.

Store all your items except for Dragonkin primer in the bank, head to Forinthry dungeon which is located in northeast of the Dark Warriors’ Fortress in the Wilderness, avoid Player Killers on the way. In the dungeon, after Hannibus talks with the Green dragon in a room, he will tell you to find a stone in southeast corner which has Dragonkin’s writing. After studying the stone, you will find a new message at the primer saying ‘South Dungeon Brimhaven’.