Behind the Scenes March 2014


March is filled almost to the brim with Grandmaster quests and updates requested by you, leaving just a little room for Zaros!
Mahjarrat Memories

Miniquest, members only.

Just to get you in the mood for the epic quest later in the month, we're releasing a small update all about Mahjarrat memories. You’ll be helping Kharshai discover just what the other Mahjarrat have been up to during his bout of amnesia. With your new-found divination skills (level 60 will be required, as well as completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat and Blood Runs Deep) you’ll be travelling across the game world, unearthing forgotten backstories from the Zarosian Empire of the Second Age…and beyond. Healthy hunks of Divination XP - bonus and regular - and some aid in your future romps over Freneskae await.
Fate of the Gods

Grandmaster quest, members only.

Three words: ZAROS IS BACK!

In our latest Grandmaster quest, Zarosian forces are gathering to unearth the secrets of the World Gate – a doorway into other realms first used by Guthix at the beginning of the First Age. They believe that through it they can access the lands of Freneskae: homeworld of the Mahjarrat and the realm that Zaros retreated to following Zamorak's treachery.
World Gate

During the quest you’ll talk to Zaros, (or what’s left of him), and decide for yourself if he is worthy to return to Gielinor. The quest itself is absolutely crammed with story, unearthing some of RuneScape’s best-kept secrets. You’ll face beings of divine power, challenging combat, tricky choices and cunning puzzles. On top of that, the environments you’ll have to cross are truly breathtaking, and are a real challenge to fully explore, especially if you intend to find all their secrets. The quest is also fully voice-acted and contains some great new tunes, so make sure everything is turned up to the max for this one.

Requirements for this cracking quest include 79 Magic, 76 Slayer, 75 Divination, 73 Agility, 67 Summoning, decent combat stats (over 80 is recommended) and Missing, Presumed Death. Be careful with the choices you make, for more than Zaros's life is a stake.
Fate of the Gods