Gold making tips in RS Smithing and Herblore


Now some tips regarding skill of Smithing and Herblore.

Smithing is closely related to mining. Basically it is to smelt the ores you mine. Smithing requires your patience. The most common way to make money by Smithing is to smelt and sell Steel bars, which worth 550-600 coins each load. Mithril bars (1100gb per) and Adamantite bars (2200gb per) are also recommended. As always, when your level in Smithing is high enough, your best Smithing option change to something else, that is runite items. Smelt runite into items that’s highly demanded in the market or just sell runite bars, all quite profitable.

If you are a paid member, you have the privilege to produce Cannonball that worth 150-200gp each. You need to first complete Dwarf Cannon quest to acquire ‘Ammo Mould’, which can be used to make four Cannonballs out of one steel bar. This increases the value of one steel bar to 600-800 coins. Low level players who can’t smith steel bars or cannonballs can go smelting Iron instead. Normally Smithing Iron cost ores, but with the Ring of Forging can help members avoid that.

To Smith ores you have to use furnace, which can be found in Al Kharid for nonmembers. Members can find the furnace nearest to a bank in Edgeville if they finished the Easiest tasks of the Varrock Achievement Diary. Mine ores by yourself to maximum your profit in Smithing.

Herblore is a member-only skill, turning herbs into potions. It is difficult, time-consuming and needing initial money. The most popular potions demanded are prayer, fishing, agility, ranged, anti-fire and Super sets.

No matter what level you are in, there are two basic ways to earning by Herblore: sell grimy herbs at about 1500gp each, or turn herbs you buy into unfinished potions that you can sell.

When you reach level 25 in herblore, there is a very popular and highly wanted herb called Ranarr Weed. Even grimy Ranarr Weed worths about 5000 each. At the time you reach level 38, you are able to make Prayer Potions. The ideal method would be buying grimy Ranarr and make them into potions that sell about 6000-7000 each. You will earn 1000-2000 margin easily by doing so.

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