RS release New Slayer masks


Last week RS teams released six new awesome Slayer masks in Treasure Hunter.

Every mask has its own Slayer monster theme. They are: Mask of Crimson (bloodvelds), Mask of Stench (aberrant spectres), Mask of Gloom (dark beasts), Mask of the Green Wyrm (jungle strykewyrms), Mask of the Yellow Wyrm (desert strykewyrms), Mask of the White Wyrm (ice strykewyrms).

These masks are not only cool to wear but also have benefits. With their help, you can teleport to the monster location two times each day and your next Slayer task monster will 100% be the one on your mask. Strykewyrm masks have a three-day CD while other masks can be used once a day.

More details, the Slayer mask will adjust your combat stats to improve your chance to kill the related monster. If you are doing Slayer task on the monster of your mask, you’ll deal extra damage, earn bonus XP and enjoy 10% chance of double drops. You will also see a counter displaying numbers of monsters you’ve killed.

When you reach certain kill counts, the masks will no longer have above benefits. Then you can either change the mask into a cool helm, or use the NEW spirit of battle to refresh it. This new tool will reset your kill to zero but re-grant you the Slayer bonus.

In this week’s promotion, when you open a chest, you will have twice the chance to gain all other ten Slayer masks. Besides, Slayer lamps & fallen stars generate twice experience. The best timing of unlocking Treasure Hunter chests is Friday 4th April 00:00 BST and Monday 7th April 23:59 BST.

Free players will have at least one key each day while member players have two. But you can always get more by playing game. There are two other ways of obtaining keys: buying directly from billing page or click ‘Buy Keys’ bottom in the Treasure Hunter menu.