Quest guide for Lost City


Background: In the swamps there is a magical lost city. Many adventurers have taken a try to search for the city but all failed. Now it’s your turn to find out the secrets of the city of Zanaris.

Needed: 31 Crafting, 36 Woodcutting. Rangers: The best unstrung bow you can both fletch and wield, a Bowstring, the best arrow, some food and stat-boosting potions . Mages: Runes for your best Fire spell, supplies for making either a Spider or Bat wand, some food and stat-boosting potions. A Dramen branch and Dramen staff..

Reward: Ability to wield the Dragon longsword and Dragon dagger, 2 free Treasure Hunter keys.


Step one.

Talk to the Warrior at the campsite on the south coast of Lumbridge Swamp . He will tell you the whole story after you choose the options that challenge his authority.

Step two.

Go to the west of the camp to cut the tree, then you will meet a leprechaun called shamus. You can ask him the way to the lost city of Zanaris. He will let you cut a Dramen branch from the Dramen tree on Entrana to make a Dramen staff to get into the city. Then he will take you to Port Sarim’s docks. Make sure that you have all of the recommended equipment, if not, find a bank and prepare what you’ll need.

Step three.

Find one of the Monks of Entrana on the docks to take you to Entrana with no weapons or armor on.

Setp four.

After get on Entrana , walk to the north side of the island through the church and over the bridge. Then find the dungeon entrance on the west. Before you climb down the ladder, the Cave monk stand next to the entrance will warn you that it is one way only

And in the dunegon your effects will be reduced greatly. Tell him you are willing to take the risk, then climb into the dunegon.

Setp five.

Walk following the tunnel around past Zombies to a group of Greater demons. In the cave south of them you can find the Dramen. Make weapons to cut the tree to

Summon a Tree spirrit. You should attack and kill the Tree spirit safely in the middle of the three mushrooms on the south side of the cave as fast as you can, or you will have to restart the fight.

Step six.

After kill the Tree spirit, you can use a Dramen branch by chopping the Dramen tree to make a Dramen staff.

Step seven.

Teleport yourself to the south of Draynor Village by using the Magic door which is just past the Greater demons. Then walk back to the adventurer’s camp. Equip your Dramen staff and access the lost city through the door of the shed found northeast of the camp.

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