Tips for training Prayer skill in F2P


Prayer is one of the 25 skills of RuneScape, and one of the 16 non-member skills. These 'Prayers' are basically effects that can protect you, boost your combat stats or restore your stats quicker. Prayer Points decrease whenever you use prayers. They eventually run out if you don't turn your prayers off, and if they run out you'll be unable to use your prayers until you recharge your Prayer Points. Your maximum Prayer Points is equal to your current Prayer level X 10. You can recharge your points at an altar, or by dying. Entering mini games or dungeons will also recharge your points. To train Prayer, you must either bury bones or scatter ashes. Here are some tips you might find useful.

-Some monsters (mainly P2P monsters but some F2P Dungeoneering bosses) can hit through prayer. There are 27 Prayers available to F2P

-Defense Prayers cannot be used with other Defense Prayers. The same types of prayers cannot be used. Magic accuracy prayers cannot be used with other magic accuracy prayers etc. However, magic accuracy prayers can be used with magic damage prayers.

-Protection Prayers can be used with all prayers except other Protection Prayers

-Rapid Restore, Rapid Heal and Protect item have no restrictions and can be used with any other prayers.

-Prayer Bonuses and Prayer Boosts (monastery altar +2 boost and Twisted bird skull necklace are the only F2P boosts) allow prayers to last longer

-It is said that there's no point in training passed 43 even though there's 4 prayers available afterwards

-Protect From Magic protects partly from dragon fire that is useful in Dragon Slayer or Dungeoneering

-Protect From Summoning is still P2P, even after the introduction of all P2P skills, including Summoning, to F2P (trainable up to level 5)

-The stat-boosting prayers do not increase levels. They increase accuracy or damage

-Protection Prayers used to protect you from monsters 100%, but now it is 50%.