OSRS Clan Wars available


Many OSRS players are demanding Clan Wars. Last week the Developers have made it possible.

In the south of the Al Kharid duel arena, you will find a new combat arena where clans can test their skills and power against other clans. There are four kinds of battle mode: last team standing, first to X kills, king of the hill and free-for-all. If you wish to get there quickly, just use your Ring of Duelling.

You can battle other clans across 10 battlefields, such as in the snowy heights of Northleach Quell, defend the fortifications in the traditional Turrets map or get the upper hand in the enigmatic Ethereal map.

To start battling another team, go into the challenge area, right click on a ranking member of the clan you want to challenge and customize your battle using all the options available to make it exactly what you want. Then fight through the blood of your enemies until you are victorious or lost. In a 'no drinks' clan wars battle, you are not able to drink anything including cups of tea, gnome cocktails and bottles of wine. This is now also the case when dueling with the 'no drinks' rule enabled.

Right now there are 10 battlefields maps available. But it is natural that players want new contents added in. The Developers are open to receive players’ own designs. They will check and pick the best one to add into the game. To submit your ideas, send email to [email protected] with subject as ‘Clan Wars map’. Make sure put your RSN in the email so that the developers can notice you when your design is accepted.

This Clan Wars arena is available just before the dawn of 2014’s Clan Cup. Clan leaders and members should pay attention the developers’ blog in the next few weeks to keep updated.