RuneScape Skillchompa locations and how to get there


RuneScape has added skillchompas to the game. Skillchompas come in four different levels, and each type has its own hunting area. Skillchompas make chinchompa hunting more versatile for training hunter in lower and higher levels. The skillchompas themselves are very useful training, and they increase the experience gained while training.

Cobalt chinchompa is the lowest level skillchompa. The hunting area is north of the grand tree. Teleport to the tree gnome stronghold spirit tree, run north around the grand tree and descend the agility shortcut to get there. Level 19 agility is needed to access the shortcut, and level 27 hunter and box traps are needed to catch the cobalt chinchompas. Each catch grants 95 hunter experience. Cobalt chinchompas grant 10% experience to all actions both successful and unsuccessful, works as a mithril pickaxe and hatchet, and grants a 3% greater chance of finding an enriched memory and 1% greater chance of catching a fish. Level 31 in woodcutting, mining, fishing, and divination are required.

Viridian chinchompas require level 46 hunter to catch and grant 140 experience. They serve as an adamant hatchet or pickaxe, and grant 6% increased chance of finding an enriched memory and a 2% increased chance of catching fish. Level 41 in the skill is needed to skill with this chinchompa. Viridian chinchompas are located south of Port Phasmatys. From the ectofuntus, run around the city and down, from the haunted woods run southeast.

Azure chinchompas are located north of the snowy hunter area, best accessed via fairy rings or arctic bears. They require level 68 hunter to catch and grant 210 experience. Azure chinchompas require level 51 to use in skilling, serving as a rune pickaxe or hatchet, granting a 10% additional chance of an enriched memory and a 3% additional chance of catching a fish.

Crimson chinchompas require level 89 hunter to catch and give 450 experience. Level 61 is needed to use these in skilling, and they serve as a dragon hatchet or dragon pickaxe. Crimson chinchompas grant a 15% additional chance of finding enriched memories and a 4% additional chance of catching a fish. These are located southwest of the quarry and west of Jaldraocht pyramid, north of menephos. Protection from heat is necessary.