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This is a Elf City design document. But things might change before release. You should not consider what have written below is a promise to come.

Lorwerth Clan- Slayer and Melee batch 1. Slayer Master requires combat level 175, and slayer level 85. It stands by a lift down to the base of the crater where the slayer dungeon resides. This slayer master intends to watch players fighting creatures, observing their different styles. Its list of slayer targets will be taken from Kuradal’s targets, with roughly 20% more monsters per task. The list of creatures will be determined by looking at Kuradal’s list of targets, removing the most cancelled slayer creatures and adding Elf City elves. The slayer master will have a random chance of offering the player a solo slayer challenge. The first boss the player defeats will drop a dark crystal which can not be dropped or traded and the player will receive a combat debuff with it when fighting any of the bosses on the list.

Slayer dungeon D& D requires slayer level 90. The elf slayer master will give the player 15 minutes in his dungeon once a week. In this 15 minutes, the player will be given a series of smaller slayer tasks, with rewards given for the number of slayer tasks that a player can complete in the timeframe.

Pickpocketing Lorwerth Workers requires thieving level 86. Common drops from lorwerth workers include various bones, ashes, food and weapon seeds. Rare items will include frost dragon bones.

The Max Guild, only players who have all skills at 99 can be accessed. Those who don’t reach the requirement will find themselves fired backwards during passing through the door. After entering, the player will offered a crystal tree seed as a reward. Inside of the guild will be a completionist cape. There is a throne at the back of the Max Guild that can only sat on by players with a completionist’s cape or trimmed completionist’s cape.

The details of Elf City should be on the official website of RuneScape. Every week they will release design document for reference. And you can feedback what you think should be modified, they might changes things as you demanded.