Losing Sleep Over Runescape


Have you ever thought about... just how much sleep you've lost over Runescape?

Can you agree with the statement: "Sleep is an xp waste!" ?

Hmm... was it really worth it? If you're looking back now, all of the times; you forced yourself to stay awake for whatever purpose...

Yes, I did achieve all of my goals for that day, and it only took an extra 7 hours! "Wait, what? it's already time for school?!"

If you're retired, and have had your fair share of staying up all night (having priorities in the daytime) whether it be school, work, or just picking your nose... can you say it was well-worth it? Or if you could go back, would you change around your playtime a bit?

It doesn't matter if you're retired or not. I can't imagine there is one person who hasn't vowed to accomplish ( ____ ) before logging out. No matter how long it takes!


Damn it, I just need 85 thieving... It'll be even. Nice. Yes! Almost there! Another 15min o.O


2 hours later

(Perhaps you didn't mean to lose sleep, and you just lost your sense of time all together)

Waking up tired isn't one of my favorite things to do, but it's something I learned to adapt to...

Once I was introduced to Runescape.

I'm seriously wondering if there could actually be a being out there (Dunno if it could be classified as human) ;

Because if that being had the amount of SELF CONTROL needed to actually, say "Goodnight" and get off their laptop...

(And obviously, everyone can do this ~> but I'm referring to just )

If you've never lost sleep over Runescape, I can't comprehend how you've played the game.

Literally, are you trying to claim you can log on... do the task you've set out for; had a plan for the day, and not fulfilled this duty ~ and then just log out? [40k, 140k, 240k XP away from __] Yep, that's a wrap.. Goodnight.

I'm pretty sure there's a Guaranteed Loss of Sleep clause in the terms.

~Every day (24 hours) an account is played, there's a guaranteed (30 minutes) unplanned hours.

~On average, every (5 players) out of (8 players) lose (180 minutes) unplanned hours of their regular sleeping schedule, which has now been molded into this routine.

~And (1 player) out of (100 players) will only sleep (3 hours) a night.

[DEDICATION] Also resulting in death by exhaustion.

Have you ever been a victim of Runescape's tight grasp on your mind to the point of deprivation of sleep?

Share your experience(s).

How many hours have you lost due to this blasted game? [Total]

Estimated Total For Moi: [ 1,000+ ]

WAS IT WORTH IT? <~ [Alternative: Be more responsible, & complete priorities with efficiency]

Credit to this Article:My state of mind at 7 A.M. after being deprived (Once Again) : 7 hours of sleep ~>

Should we sue Jagex for ruining our sleep patterns?