Boss Timer, Kill Counts and Legacy Mode Fixes


Our deadly Ninja Team are hard at work on an awesome PvM update, where Death himself will offer Slayer-like tasks to take down some of Gielinor's toughest bosses.

This week we've introduced the first parts of this update. There's an in-game timer to show how quickly you prevail during instanced boss fights, and we're starting to track kill counts of relevant beasties, which will be viewable in an interface once the main update hits the game.

We've also released a batch of updates to Legacy Mode and the accompanying EoC improvements, in response to the feedback you've given us so far.

Read on for more information, or log into RuneScape now.

Boss Timers

Upon entering an instanced boss fight, you'll now see a new, movable boss timer element in the interface. This will remain and keep counting up for as long as it takes the instanced boss to be defeated, and will announce the kill time in your chat box when it falls.

Note that the timer will not appear if more than a certain number of players are in the instance. This differs, depending on the boss:

Giant Mole - 1

TzTok-Jad - 1

Queen Black Dragon - 1

Zilyana - 1

Graardor - 1

Kree'arra - 1

K'ril Tsutsaroth - 1

Har-Aken - 1

Legiones - 2

Araxxor - 2

Kalphite King - 3

Nex - 3

Barrows: Rise of the Six - 4

Vorago - 7

Kill Counts

Today, we've also added kill tracking of bosses and certain slayer monsters - listed below. You won't be able to see how many you've defeated until the full update arrives, but you can start racking up kills.

Your boss kill count will affect certain reward unlocks in the future - get a head start now!


Giant Mole (normal and hard mode)

King Black Dragon

Barrows Brothers (normal and Rise of the Six)

Chaos Elemental

Kalphite Queen

TzTok-Jad (Fight Caves and Fight Kiln)

Corporeal Beast

Dagannoth Kings

Queen Black Dragon

Zilyana (normal and hard mode)

General Graardor (normal and hard mode)

Kree'arra (normal and hard mode)

Kr'il Tsutsaroth (normal and hard mode)


Kalphite King



Araxxor (when released)

Vorago (normal and hard mode)

Slayer Monsters

Terror dogs


Warped tortoises

Aberrant spectres

Dust devils


Skeletal wyverns

Jungle strykewyrms

Desert strykewyrms

Ice strykewyrms



Mutated jadinkos

Order of Ascension

Polypore creatures

Spiritual mages

Dark beasts


Abyssal demons

Kal'gerion demons

Tormented demons





Look out for more information in Mod Mark's Behind the Scenes news post - coming Friday 1st of August.

You can also read the Ninja Team's ongoing dev blog for full details of the project.

Legacy Updates

Huge thanks to all of you who've given your feedback on last week's Legacy and EoC update.

We're overjoyed to see so many of you enjoying the return of traditional combat and the global combat improvements, but we're well aware that there's still work to be done.

All of your feedback has been read and taken into account. Last week, we fixed some of your most high-priority points - in particular, God Wars and Dagannoth Kings balance.

As part of our ongoing work on Legacy and EoC, today sees another batch of post-release fixes and tweaks, including the following:

Minimap icons are now correctly sized in EoC mode.

Combat challenges can now be blocked at 138 combat level.

Flurry no longer deals magic damage when Korasi's sword is equipped.

The amulet of glory has been rebalanced, so the amulet of fury is the better choice - as it should be.

A number of outdated references to combat levels and life point values have been corrected.