Killing Araxxor Phase two


Let’s continue our guide. In the second phase of solo killing Araxxor, you have three paths to lure Araxxor, left, middle and right.

If you take the left path, it’s recommended to go to the middle of the tunnel. Damage the Araxxor as hard as you can by ultimates/thresholds. Be sure to sip your Saradomin Brews when needed. Araxxor will throw out 3 eggs and spit out a fire spider. You need to stand adjacent to the 3 eggs so the fire incinerates them. You will be dealt with a 300 hit. If you don't make it to the eggs, you will be dealt with a 3,000-6,000 hit. Araxxor will spawn 20 spiders throughout the phase. Be careful with the Mirrorback spiders. If you threshold Araxxor and a Mirrorback spawns, you will be hit by your own threshold and maybe kill yourself. It is recommended to get Araxxor all the way down to 5,000 life points and kill all 20 spiders that spawn before continuing Phase 3. Trick, if you get Araxxor down to 5,000 life points before the spider spawns, pull out your shield and start using shield abilities so you can conserve your Saradomin brews and food. Use abilities like anticipation, preparation, barricade, resonance, devotion, etc. Do not go too far in the tunnel before getting Araxxor down to 5,000 life points and have killed all spiders or you will start Phase 3. Araxxor will cleave you this phase no matter which path you take

If you take the middle path, walk Araxxor over the acid, build up the bar to about half way and walk him onto the hill that's upwards. He will melt the hill and you will be able to jump over the falling rocks. Araxxor will throw out 3 eggs and spit out a fire spider. Same tip as in the left path. "KO" Acidic Spiders will spawn. You must avoid them for a touch by them you are dead. If the bridge doesn't collapse after running to the very top of the hill after getting about half acid on Araxxor, that means you need to build up more acid on him in order to destroy the hill/rocks.

If you take the right path, it will be very easy. There's no attacking Araxxor involved just avoiding damage and staying alive. All you have to do during this phase is stand in the light to avoid the constant 300 hits the darkness causes. Araxxor will throw eggs like in the other paths, use same trick to stay alive. When the cut scene occurs you need to click on either the up/down/left/right arrow key so you can get Araxxor to smash down the gated area. Once he smashes the gated area you will continue on to phase 3.