Runescape Quest Guide The Mighty Fall Part I


Earlier this month, Runescape has released a new master medium-length quest called ‘The Mighty Fall’. We have made brief introduction of it. Now here is quest guide to help you go through it.

First travel to Dorgesh-Kaan and speak to Ur-tag, to get to Dorgesh-Kaan you can travel via. Fairy Rings (Code A-J-Q) to the Dark caves south of Dorgesh-Kaan, via. Dorgesh-Kaan teleport sphere, via. minecart from Keldagrim, or via. the Lumbridge castle basement (speak to Mistag to be escorted to the Goblin Mines.). Ur-tag can be found on the second level of the city, to the Northeast.)

As soon as Ur-tag tells you of the army marching towards the city, Zanik rushes in and tells you that they have forced a cave in to block the army from the city. You are asked to talk to the leaders of the army by Ur-tag, but you have to go the long way round through the Lumbridge Swamp.

Enter the Lumbridge Swamp caves through the hole under the tree in the Lumbridge Swamp, and you will find the leaders of the army to the East. Speak to them and they will talk of how Zanik is the reason that Bandos was killed during his fight with Armadyl. You will eventually decide that the best way to work out who should lead the army of Bandos, is with a tournament called the Kyzaj Tournament, to find out who is the strongest. You will agree to be part of this to fight on behalf of the Dorgeshuun as Zanik's personal attack beast.

Return to Dorgesh-Kaan to inform Ur-tag that your way of postponing the attack has worked, He and Zanik will agree with you fighting for them, and Zanik will ask you to meet her at the portal to Yu-Biusk that has appeared east of the Goblin Village.

Before going through the portal, talk to Zanik who is standing next to the remains of Bandos, She lets you know that she is dying due to Bandos giving her part of himself so that his "Chosen Commander" survived and when Armadyl struck the final blow on Bandos, Zanik felt it. After all this, head on through the portal.