Small Updates That Runescape Players Want


As a game runs for almost a decade, runescape did a good job. You can see the number of the players, which can prove it. However, every coin has two side. RS Gold still have something to be improved. Listen to the players and develop what the need.

Here are small updates in runescape that should just be added anyway.

1. When was my friend last online? have the quit? This feature enables youto check when your friend was last online, don't want players knowing when you were last on? Turn it off using privacy mode.

2. Add capital letters wherever we want. Instead of have a text like "That wasn't even punny xD." You can make it ten times cooler by adding caps:"That wasn't even punny XD."

3. What happened to it? It was once on the adventure log, but now it is gone...Can you guess? How much gameplay have i had during my scaping years. Sure we can ask that guy in lumbridge, but that was since we created our account, not our actual gameplay.

4. Add in our own music, sure we can just play YouTube in the background or something, but it would be more convenient if we could add our own music to Runescape itself-may be copyright issues.

5. Runescape voice chat in clans, friends chat and more...would help in boss fights. Choose a keyboard letter to enable to hold down, and use it to talk.

Feel kind of exciting to hear these wishlist. But actually the patch notes this week is there for you to learn.

The WWF Conservationist has been removed from Burthorpe. Players can no longer log in on the Pest Control boat on free worlds.

Hydrix jewellery will now degrade to a broken state rather than dust. The money pouch has been added to the Grand Exchange interface. Cavefish and Rocktail gloves now provide 150 extra XP per fish caught, up from 100XP. Various gauntlets are now dropped from additional NPCs.

Login to the Runescape right now, find what you want to play. Have a nice adventure in game. More information will lunch at