Runescape New Minigame Equilibrium


The runescape players are always creative. This time, he is inspired by the mechanics of Soul Wars, Golden Light designed a new mini game to bring clans together and pit them against each other in a battle of keeping or destroying the balance. Read carefully and then leave a comment below to let us know how you feel.

There are three teams: Genesis Team, Equilibrium Team, Ruination Team. The two warring teams are Genesis and Ruination, fighting for control of the Equilibrium arena, so they can turn it into their paradise landscape. Genesis fights for the world to be natural, covered in nothing but forests and lakes. Ruinations desires land to build monuments to their gods and Equilibrium seeks balance, finding harmony only in the coexistence of nature and structure.

The Genesis team advocates the creation of the life givers, using peace remnants and offering them to pinnacle, life givers sprout amongst the chaos of the Equilibrium arena. Life givers are safe spawn zones and work similarly to spirit trees, being able to teleport the Genesis Team around the arena when not in combat.

The Ruination team despises nature and wants to build monuments to their various gods, using war remnants and offering them to the pinnacle, chaos monuments are built in the capturable zones. Chaos monuments are safe spawn zones for the Ruination Team and allow members of that team to teleport around the arena when not in combat.

The Equilibrium team sees that harmony is the best way for both nature and mankind to thrive, as such they are like the peace keepers of the game, their objective is to ensure balance is kept and neither of the other teams have an advantafe over the other. Their base is located south of the pinnacle and is defended in part by walls and in part by thick forest. They can spawn at any capturable zone when it is not under control by either of the other two teams and can use uncaptured zones to teleport around the arena when not in combat.

The minigame is played in a large arena which resembles the scales of justice, each team fights for its own favor and can gain advantage by being tactful and where necessary, making alliances with one of the other two teams. In a game of strategy, ingenuity, conquest and betrayal only the most fiendishly cleaver side will win. The game incorporates elements of control, timing, stealth and slayer and will truly test even the best clans.

Seems to be kind of different. Can you understand what we are talking about? Well, if you have any suggestion or comment, leave a message below. We are glad to hear from you with your kindly ideas at our store: