QP adept cape Requirements in Runescape


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All quests complete

100% achievement of every Fremennik saga

Completed Stronghold of Amateur Safety

Completed Stronghold of Security

Gained max Varrock Musuem Kudos

Minigames, D&Ds, and Activities:

Completed all Court Cases

Claimed an Enhanced Fire Cape override

Fully completed Temple Trekking

Claim the blaze adze and inicerate log from a accustomed tree

Defeated the Phoenix already afterwards In Pyre Need

Completed all Player-Owned Ports adventure voyages

Unlocked the Firemaker's Accouterments from the circus


Unlocked the Abyss(Buy RS Gold)

Thieves' Guild absolutely unlocked

Completed Doric & Boric's tasks

Put Clarence to rest

Hopespear's Will complete

Koschei's Troubles completed & all Kharshai's Memories unlocked

Found the Hidden Ga'al

Rag and Bone Man & Fur'n'seek wishlists done and dead the Skeletal Horror once

Completed Sheep Shearer & Witch's Potion

Completed Mahjarrat memories

Completed the God Emissaries miniquest


Unlock the Vyrelord title

Unlock the Annihilator title

Lore books/Journals/Similar:

Completed the Azdaran document

Completed the Voice of the Elders in Prifddinas

Cleansed the murals in determined dragon alcove and Mount Firewake & adapted the Dragonkin Primer

Purchased Mad Ramblings (1) and (2) from BA's accolade shop.

Completed Scarabite notes

Found Sakirth, Strisath, and Kalibath's Journals and Phalaks' Experiment Log from Determined Dragons

Found all of the Bandos Memories

Seen Vorago's addition dialogue

Unlocked all non-easter egg Prifddinas Memoriam Crystals

Used The Measure to acquisition the four Age-old Chronicles

Unlocked all ten age-old account entries

Adamant/Rune dragon journals (Forcae's journal)

Last riders book (KBD)

Dragonkin journals (QBD)

Found the afterward DG journals:

Chronicles of Bilrach

Kal'Gerion Notes

Stalker Notes

Behemoth Notes

Marmaros and Thok letters

Misc. journals 1 through 15

Found all 5 GWD books

History of the Order (Asc. Dungeon)

Mazcab rock fragments

Dominion belfry account pages

Ancient Cavern pages

Kaigi's account pages

Explorer's notes

Malleus daemoniorum

Misc. journals 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 are not included due to bead bulk alignment from 1/10000 to 1/50000. This is the barring we are traveling to be afraid with because such awful luck based factors is not one of our intentions.

Post-Quest XP Rewards:

Claimed the acquaintance accolade and watched the coda afterward While Guthix Sleeps

Claimed the XP accolade afterwards Blood Runs Deep

Claimed the XP from Daero afterward Monkey Madness

Post-Quest Rewards: (Xp lamp claims, items, and abilities)

Unlock Char's training cavern and accomplish a Zaros symbol

Digsite chaplet adeptness unlocked

Helm of Trials claimed

Claimed Age-old Bones from Father Aereck afterwards The Restless Ghost

All rewards apart from Dimension of Disaster, including the tasks

Unlocked all Death of Chivalry post-quest rewards (Xp lamps, Gilded Banknote XP, Templar outfit, Crate)

Fairy Tale III column adventure rewards (incl. all acquaintance and items claimed and excl. tooth creature)

Obtained the Holy Cithara

Claimed the goblin apple-polish shield

Opened all chests afterwards Dishonour a part of Thieves (only post-quest ones)

Claimed 10k gold from Bill Teach afterwards Cabin Fever

Claim a Kipple Nano pet afterwards Heart of Stone

Obtained a average XP lamp post-Heart of Stone

Unlocked the adeptness to dent teleport tablets to Trollheim

Unlocked all rewards from Missing, Presumed Death

Claimed the Zaros and Seren arch overrides afterwards Fate of the Gods

Claimed the post-quest XP lamps afterwards Fate of the Gods

Unlocked Sliske's allowance and that sixth-age ambit upgrade

Gained admission to the abstruse abundance allowance post-Diamond in the Rough

Gained admission to the abstruse abundance allowance post-Do No Evil

Claim your chargeless Elite Clue application Ava’s Alerter afterwards the Do No Evil quest

Received a average clue from a monkey in your backpack

Get all acquaintance from the cavern paintings in the Land of Snow and acknowledgment the Yeti Dung to Explorer Jack

Spoken to Azacorax afterwards Rune Memories and acquired Prayer or Magic XP

Claimed all One of a Kind post-quest rewards

Gained the added architecture XP afterwards Song from the Depths

Plague’s End post-quest rewards (Ability to abound 3 spirit copse and XP lamps)

Unlock the adeptness to barter acclaimed artefacts to Simon Templeton

Create the Big Bowl for Tears of Guthix

Read and apart the Tune Bane Ore spell

Claimed and apprehend the Codex Ultimatus

Claim the gems hidden in the demon head afterwards Shadow of the Storm

Claim the 2k crooked xp afterwards Buyers and Cellers

Claimed all XP lamps from Philipe Carnillean

Claimed Smithing XP from Ramarno afterwards Apostle of Varrock

Bought an age-old agents post-Desert Treasure

Claimed accolade lamp from accustomed historian post-Tales of the Muspah

Claimed banknote from Yelps's banknote bag

Post-Quest Tasks:

Unlocked all routes in the Balloon Transport System

Given Xenia all of Blood Pact’s demon statuettes

Completed Broken Home post-quest challenges and opened all chests

Completed 5 accumulation runs afterwards Death Plateau

Given the Apothecary Herbi Flax's diary

Found all Bugged Key treasures

Fully bugged your angular afterwards Swept Away

Cured Razmire Keelgan and Ulsquire Shauncy afterwards Shades of Mort'ton

Unlock the abounding adeptness of the Ivandis Flail

Caught Thalassus 10 times

Delivered 25 chimp ices

Unlocked the Ogre bowman hat (killed 30 Chompies)

- This is the additional exception. Due to the attributes of the assignment and basal accolade at the end we are not including the highest-tier chompy hat.

Engraved all of Dororan's jewelery

Kill the Cavern Wolf Matriarch afresh for Claus the chef afterwards Carnillean Rising.

Unlocked the adeptness to acquirement abounding white armour

Put Arrav to blow afterwards ROTM

Unlocked all Rogue Banker merchandise

Open the Dragon Forge

Killed Tarn Razorlor

Fully upgraded Pig Creation machine

Killed all post-Smoking Kills bosses

Gained admission to Contraband Yak Produce

All Wilderness spirit branch portals unlocked

Rogue banker freed

Unlocked all the Eagle Transport routes

Returned Mabel's Ring afterwards Love Story, and chop down the Guard’s tree

Fully looted Movario's base

Opened Uglug's Stuffies store

Paid respects and lit the torches in Guthix's shrine

Unlocked the Dorgesh-Kaan aliment trading minigame

Unlocked the clear teleport seed's teleport to Temple of Ablaze afterwards Aural the Light

Unlocked the shops of Tamayu, Tinsay and Tiadeche

Return the marriage ring afterwards The Ablaze Within

Claim a mining helmet from Mistag afterwards The Lost Tribe

Unlocked the Ourania Teleport spell

Free Droalak afterwards Authoritative History

Unlocked the bogie ring in the Age-old Cavern