Runescape Idea for Hardmode Nex


As we know that Nex is a fantastic boss in RS Gold . It is always hard for us to hunt the boss that easily. You, in the past days, need to group up with your friends, no less than 2-4 players, but now can be soloed multiple times in one trip. Is there somthing missing? Cannot be that easy to hunt the difficult boss. We need upgrade.

First of all, in order to fight Nex in hardmode, you need to acquire a Zarosian Crystal. These can be obtained as an uncommon drop from Nex in regular mode, as a rare drop from her generals, or as a very rare drop from the Zaros creatures outside Nex's chamber in the Ancient Prison.

Once a Zarosian Crystal is obtained, it must be brought to the center of Nex's chamber before she spawns, and then activated. Once activated, Nex will immediately spawn.She will be unattackable, and will crouch down and charge an attack. All players in the arena will be given a prompt to either accept Nex's challenge or declien. After 15 seconds, all players who accepted will be dragged to the center of the room, and Nex will shatter the bridges, dropping you down into the pit beneath Nex's chamber.

Underneath Nex's chamber is a massive round cavern with 4 alcoves, similar to a larger version of Nex's main chamber. This is where Nex is fought in hardmode. After a few seconds Nex will drop down and encase herself in a purple crystal dome.

Players have 1 minute to deal 300,000 damage to the crystal dome. If they fail to do enough damage, they will get a message saying Nex was disappointed with their power and refuses to fight them, and they will be warped back to the nature spirit's room outside of Nex's chamber. The Zarosian Crystal will not be refunded.

If 300,000 damage is successfully done to the crystal dome, it will shatter and the fight will begin. In Hardmode, Nex has 1,000,000 lifepoints, buffed stats, and stronger special attacks. Her minions have 50,000 HP each.

After the dome is shattered, Nex will summon her minions into the hardmode chamber. They will be begind crystal walls and completely immune to damage. She will first call upon Fumus, infusing her with Smoke magic, just like the regular fight. However, she gains some new special attacks, and her basic attack becomes much more dangerous, draining stats including prayer and dealing far more poison damage.

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