Runescape The Bug Report To Changes


Every week runescape team have some fixes and tweaks implemented, that's why they make the game better and much more popular with time going by. With the Lord of Vampyrium quest launch this week, more improvements need to be fixed. Let's see whether you note them.

A graphical issue with the male ice warrior helmet which prevented the jaw from displaying has been fixed. The shoulder pads on the Astromancer top have been attached to the outfit. The Barbarian walk override now correctly works in the Wilderness when wielding two-handed weapons. Female Golden Zamorakian Warpriest armour no longer disconnects the player's torso.

The Portable Fletcher will now correctly save magic logs when fletching shieldbows. The Defence level requirement for Warpriest armour displayed in the Defence skill guide has been corrected.

Messages displayed when filling runecrafting pouches have been made consistent. The Friendly Wave perk now works correctly during Heist. Players may now freely pets inside the Clan Wars portals. The Soul Wars task in the Minigames interface now points to the Soul Wars portal in Edgeville.

Queuing abilities on cooldown will no longer wait an extra tick before triggering. An issue that causes the Kamil and Fareed outfits to permanently appear as euqipped has been fixed. The level 40 Starfury cape is no longer considered a members-only object.

A typo in the name of the Chronicle Absorption prayer has been fixed. The duplicated cast option has now been removed from the Magic spellbook. The volumes of over 40 music tracks have been adjusted. Players can no longer place challenge gems next to a bank. The group member list is no longer incorrectly scrolled up when viewing someone's stats from further down in the list.

Legendary pets using the beast of burden ability now have a static life point pool of 10,600. As such, they can be killed in PvM situations such as Araxxor and Araxxi. They will also abide by the following rules: Can be healed by extending the time of your pet, using the appropriate BoB pouch; Can be healed using the Tribute stone, Throne of Fame and player-owned House obelisk; At 0 life point, your pet will drop all of its carried items but stay active.

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