Runescape New Mini Game Beyond The Pale Suggestion


So many rs gold player suggested game contents, but not many of them can catch the eyes. But this seems kind of interesting. Beyond the Pale, with lots of pretty damn scary monsters to defeat, you should be interested at this.

Monsters are pretty damn scary. Horrible, bug-eyed, slobbering, and in no way ever human. Therefore, it's all the more unsettling when it's revealed that a monstrous creature was once human, but became a monster through some sort of infection, curse, sheer personal evil or transformation and there's no means of changing them back.

For the purposes of this mini-game, a beguiling curse is cast on adventurers upon entering a derelict castle, turning players into monstrous abominations. Just outside the walls of the castle, a disheveled and weary old traveler beckons players to go talk to him. Upon leaving the castle the curse is seemingly lifted, with the player reverting to their normal form. The old man explains the curse, and that the only wayto properly cure it is through conflict.

There are others who have been cursed. Only the monstrous soulds within them can cure you. Serving as a guide and tutorial, he also runs a rewards shop, which is handy.

All players enter the same waiting room when start the game, where they will be grouped together in batches of fives, with similar combat levels. They will then be teleported to a maze like arena, with their curses suppressed. In the centre of the arena, a mysterious font glows faintly.

Players can traverse the maze as they see fit, even fighting the other players. But when the first player to reach the font, touches it. Their curse is accelerated, mutating them into a hideous behemoth. Giving them unique abilities and multiplying their strength. At this point the maze walls are destroyed, and it becomes a fight for survival.

Do the other players team up to take down the boss? or do they just attack anything that gets in their way. Points would be earned in various ways, with a bonus multiplyer for being the eventual winners. will update more information, stay tuned!