Runescape Witchcraft Training Suggested


Well, rs gold have many skills, and also skill trainings like Crafting, Fletching, Farming, Firemaking,and Herblore, etc. You can train your skills through them. We suggested Witchcrafting Training woule be beneficial to all of them. Let's see the details.

Call it what you will and no doubt Jagex would give it a unique title but the concept is the same.

Firstly, a player would need an item pertaining to the intended target. The he would use the crafting and fletching skills to sew and carve a body & limbs, stuff it with hay along with the creature specific item and voila, you have a poppet ready to pin prick. Players would have to be in the near vicinity of the target type and sticking a pin in the poppet would have a weakening or other effect on the creature.

Witchcraft would offer the ability to make various potpourri pouches via the Farming, Herblore and Crafting skills. These aromatic tools would either lull, lure or aggrevate creatures. Some might be attracted by a certain scent while others might be turned off. Different combinations of flowers and herbs might also mask human scent for Hunting purposes.

Healing, boosting and protection through aromatherapy. As well as used for slaying and hunting, potpourri could also benefit players in other ways. Certain mixes might invigorate & restore energy faster, increase Lifepoint recovery, protect from magic spells & curse prayers, boost or increase recovery of a particular skill. There could even be ones which have a multi-player effect, spreading to other players within a proximity. However, all these would only have a temporary effect.

Growing new unique herbs/plants/flowers in pots or patches. Witches possess farming knowledge which surpasses that of the average player. As a player gains the trust of the witch community they would become privy to new exotic flowers, vegetables, herbs and other plants. Some types would only be grown in plant-pots. These would be used to make poppets, tonics&elixirs, potpourri and in broth.

You assume these liquid concoctions serve a similar purpose to conventional potions? These secret solutions have diverse uses and temporarily nullify the effects of regular potions, so the two different forms of Herblore can never be used together.

To be continued...You can see the whole idea in the Runelabs. Thanks for reading, or else you can go to our online rs gold store :