Runescape Treasure Hunter Starfury Armour Available


Runescape Gold teams are really taking their efforts to make the game better and bring more updates to players. This weekend in Treasure Hunter, you can get some out-of-this-world Starfury Armour. Read on for more detail information, seize them on this weekend.

From 00:00 UTC on 10th September to 23:59 UTC on 15th September, gather items to craft and upgrade three sets of armour-one for each combat style, from Treasure Hunter, mining or trade.

The armours can be improved up to level 70, they don't degrade and of course, they look pretty darn spectacular. Starfury weapons can also be obtained, if you missed them when they last appeared.

How to get them? First up, you'll need starlight ore. This can be won on Treasure Hunter, obtained by mining regular rocks and trades on the Grand Exchange or directly between players.

Click on the ore to create starfire armour or weapons. Each of the three armour sets has six pieces, and all starfire gear can be switched between level 1 and level 40 stats. Each one you create grants you Smithing XP equivalent to the ore spent.

The ability to craft armour unlocks gradually as the six days go by. Weapons can all be crafted from the start:

10th September: boots&gloves

11th September: head and legs

12th September: chest

13th September: cape

You should note that all days start at 00:00 UTC and that each item can be crafted from date of unlock until the ore is removed after 28th September. If you prefer, you can excahnge starlight ore directly for Smithing or Mining XP, up to 10,000 pieces per day. To do so, speak to Ivar in the Artisans Workshop.

You can also collect starborn diamonds via the same methods as the ore, or by converting starlight ore. They're used to upgrade your starfire gear to the improved starfury versions. To do so, use a starborn diamond on the item to be upgraded.

Note that each item can be created and upgraded only once; starfire and starfury armour and weapons at level 70 have slightly lower stats than Barrows armour, although they do not degrade; Ironman players can obtain starfire or starfuy weapons and armour, but can only use the versions with level 1 stats, and cannot benefit from the Ava's Accumulator and golden mining suit effects.

Get yourself ready this weekend on Treasure Hunter, seize the chance to grab the starfury armours and weapons. Have fun in runescape then.