Everyweek Patch Notes in Runescape


A new battle game comes to runescape this week and some of them are going to pack up and run away. Both seize your chance to join the game in RS Gold . And here are this week's patch notes you could realize when you take your advanture. Take a glance to make sure you know them and quickly move on in the game.

The replica dragonfire shield no longer floats off of the players back while out of combat. Ancient stoles no longer clip through leg gear on female characters. The colossus and bahemoth armour capes no longer clip with feet while running.

The overhead combat bar now displays debuff icons correctly when undocked. Several clan interfaces have been altered to ensure that the clan visitor count is not obscured.

The blaksmith's skill outfit top now has a chance to speed up smithing of protean bars. Familiar's life points are restored from an obelisk when the player alread has maximum summoning points.

Players will now be told they can start The Lord of Vampyrium when achieving the final required skill level for the quest. Players who have lost their memoriam crystals by dying in an unsafe area can now reset them to their original location by spreaking to Arianwyn.

The Cloak of Seasons and individual season cloaks will no longer show on a cape rack if the player does not own them. A spelling error shown when casting Crystallise has been fixed. Walk animation overrides no longer apply with the Silverhawk equipped.

Familiar timers will no longer pause when hidden inside the Grand Exchange to prevent the use of permanent beasts of burden. The Penance aura will now consistently give prayer points when hit by any type of damage. Juju and perfect juju potion mining effects will no longer give a 10% XP boost to any skill.

Trying their best to create a smooth gameplay experience for all of you runescape players. Happy Scaping in the game.