Runescape New Elven Minigame


Elven Forrest Trekking, this is the new minigame idea we will bring to you. So this is a trekking activity that is harder. A Runelabs idea, read carefully below. Now that Prifdinnas is open to all of the races occupying Gelinor instead of just elves many beings wish to travel there to do any number of things, whether it be to worship the gods with the Heffin monks, learn new Herblore recipes from Lady Meilyer, or maybe they just wish to behold the glorious crystal city.

The minigame will function very similarly to temple trekking and Burgh De Rott ramble in the sense that you will arrive in port Tyras and there will be a message board that you can click on to choose you're the adventurers you wish to guide to Priffdinas, there will be all different strengths of adventurers ranging from very week all the way to very strong making it either easier or harder to protect them throughout the following trek.

After you decide you are ready to go, you will spawn in a new mini map area where you are able to pick either an "easy", "medium" or" hard" path. You will them proceed to an event which you must complete before continuing on to the next path.

These will be events that you will come upon after choosing which patch you wish to take.

Insane trappers: these trappers have been lost in the forest for a long time and have gone mad, they are aggressive towards you and your companion. You must kill them all to progress.

Mourners: some of the mourners that were not killed in the battles during plagues and fled into woods, you stumble upon their camp. They are aggressive towards you and your companion.

Traps: some sort of puzzle involving elf traps. Should be roughly the same difficulty as the bog from temple trekking.

Giant crystalized Grenwalls: these Grenwalls have had the crystalize spell cost on them and mutated/grew into something fierce. They are aggressive towards you and your companion.

Lost and starving adventurer: sort of like the Ghastly people event temple trekking. Feed the adventurers and point them in the right direction.

Eluned or Iswyln: you meat Eluned and Iswyln trekking through the woods, they restore you and your companions health and prayer points.

Obviously, there would be more events once improved. Hope you like this idea. More information will lunches at