Reaper Chaplet Changes fabricated and why In Runescape


Previous state

Stats - +30 backbone benefit in all action styles and +3 prayer.

Effect - If cutting this chaplet anniversary analytical hit will admission a stacking reaper addict for 10 seconds. Anniversary assemblage gives a 1% advance benefit in all styles, capping at 3 stacks.

Changes fabricated and why


Looking at the stats, this gets outclassed by a fury. Considering that this is an big-ticket top end degradable it should not be outclassed by a non degradable item and RS Gold.

For this acumen the stats of the reaper chaplet will be buffed to accommodate +36 in all action styles. This will accomplish it bigger than amulet of acerbity (t) but worse than the action specific dungeoneering amulets.


With the changes fabricated to crits afterwards bequest absolution the aftereffect on this chaplet was fabricated ambrosial abundant useless. It's accessible that this needs a re-design and that's actually what we accept done.

The new aftereffect on the reaper chaplet will still accommodate you with a ample accurateness benefit and will accolade you if you accumulate fighting. It will plan like so:

- Anniversary time you auspiciously hit a ambition you will accretion one assemblage on your reaper necklace. This will assemblage up to a best of 30 stacks.

- The endless will bead off over time and the time it takes for one assemblage to bead off is the time it would yield you to bang off 30 adeptness attacks. i.e. you accept to accumulate advancing if you wish to advance 30 stacks.

- For every assemblage you accept on your reaper chaplet you will accretion a 0.1% accurateness benefit to all styles (so a max of 3%).

The abstraction abaft this is that the reaper chaplet will be best in aperture for fights that you allegation that little bit of an accurateness boost. I.E. DPS on vorago or top end apache mobs.

The backbone bonus, while not best by actually a distance, should accommodate you with a appropriate abject accident and the added hits you should get in with the 3% accurateness addict should accomplish this a actually acceptable item.

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