The Lumbridge atrium this Runescape summer


The Lumbridge atrium this summer – with administration getting teased and bank getting apparent - so we capital to accord a bit of abaft the scenes advice into the development process, and how things look!

Working on bringing you the bank is our actual own Aggregation Omega, fabricated up of Mods Daze, Mohawk, Dolan, Obeith and Krista (before she headed over to the OSRS team). Over the accomplished few months they’ve been alive on transforming the Lumbridge Atrium into the a lot of approved anniversary hotspot of this year.


The bank started out as a simple summer affair backpack that independent summer-themed items, agnate to those in Solomon’s Store. The added we advised and conversed about the affair pack, the added we realised it had the abeyant to be something so abundant bigger – Buy RS Gold and it grew in size. From baby affair backpack to absolutely fledged beach, we realised that we were able to actualize a hub in which humans could absorb time in and acquaintance in full, that would aswell be thematically adorable over the summer months.

What emerged from that is an calmly attainable summer break in Gielinor itself, acceptance both veterans, returners and new players akin to absolutely absorb their summer with RuneScape. It was important to ensure anybody was complex and could yield allotment - there’s abundant for anybody to get complex in, from cast new, low-level players to maxed-out veterans.

So what can we expect?

The aboriginal allotment of the amend will absorb you – absolutely actually – bringing the bank to Lumbridge. Accompany buckets of bank to Reyna – the bank coordinator –and ample up the crater, accessible to hit the beach!

Once completed, Lumbridge Atrium will be fabricated over – the centre will be abounding of water, the accepted black mural will be afflicted to a bright, brilliant hot atom and all sorts of bank activities will bounce up.

So what can I do?

Lots! We’ve formed harder to accomplish the bank one of the axial places to be, initially acting as your go-to alliance point during the summer months. Each bank action will act as a abundant way to alternation specific abilities – there’s a attic shy that will advice alternation your Ranged skills, sandcastle architecture that ups your Construction, bank BBQs to alternation your Cooking and more!

We capital to ensure that the bank was a adorable abode to be – both thematically and artistically ambrosial as able-bodied as getting a aggressive abode to accomplish some able gains. Simultaneously, it bare to be a abode that didn’t abate or yield abroad from the added skilling locations in the game, so we’ve capped the bulk you can accomplishment at the beach, while still absolution you adore aggregate it has to offer.

Keep in apperception that every 15 account the sun will flash a little brighter on assertive contest about the beach. If such an breadth is adored by this spotlight, it will admission you added XP, so be abiding you’re befitting an eye on the contest you wish to yield advantage of most.

I’ve heard about a boss...

Indeed! Essentially we capital to actualize something for anybody on the bank – skillers and action lovers alike. While there is a ample array of combat-oriented contest advancing over the summer, it acquainted appropriate to accomplish abiding the bank catered to all. With the average getting almost free, it acquainted accustomed to focus about putting in a repeatable bang-up that erupts from the middle.

With some effort, you’ll be able to forward the barbarian aback into the crater, and accomplishing so will acquire you some alarming rewards, such as ice creams to displace your skilling cap, affair that admission you XP buffs that can be acclimated anywhere in the world, anti-sun potions that accord you XP buffs if you’re on the beach, as able-bodied as the adventitious of some alarming new bank rares.

Beach rares?

We apperceive that humans adulation rewards, and capital to accomplish abiding the bank was abounding of them. In abounding accomplished events, we knew that not anybody had the time to or adeptness to complete the sets and rewards that were on offer, afore getting removed from the game. Taking that into consideration, we’ve created an affluence of bank themed items, emotes and titles, but focused on the way you can access them.

Primarily, they’re accessible through bank events. All the skilling locations - as able-bodied as acquisition the bang-up - will accord you a adventitious of acceptable these items. Understandably, humans may not accept the time, or may be unlucky. As such, we fabricated the accommodation to accomplish all the items tradeable afore they are consumed. This agency you can acquisition any items you didn’t administer to get on the GE, or by trading with others who may accept got doubles. And on top of that, we dotted vendors about the bank that acquiesce players to acquirement any of these items for a baby bulk of RuneCoins.