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Mos Le'Harmless Rum

1: Ingredients

1.1: Baptize and Coloured Water

1.2: Bitternuts

1.3: Sweetgrubs

1.4: Scrapey Timberline Bark

1.5: Boilers

1.6: Brewin'

2: Sabotage and Repair

2.1: Makin' Adjustment Items

2.2: The Beef Pump

3: Plunder

Mos Le'Harmless 'Rum'




Scrapey Timberline Case

Coloured Baptize


Mos Le'Harmless 'rum' is about based on the admixture fer Braindeath 'rum', with the capital barring bein' that is brewed from items activate locally to the island.

Water and Coloured Water

The endure two capacity be the easiest to plunder; baptize from either the basin in the average of the brewery compound, or from one of the pumps can be put into the actual alembic with nary a trouble. The coloured baptize be acquired by agreement the petals of bounded flowers into a kettle of boilin' water. This leeches the colour from them, and the baptize can be siphoned off into bowls. It takes 5 buckets of water, and three bowls of coloured baptize to accomplish one canteen of rum.


Bitternuts be abhorrent tastin' but awful intoxicatin' basics activate axial the brewin' compound. The timberline they are in be too big to climb, abnormally with all the activity goin' on in the area. Hence, tis the best abstraction to abduction a monkey, and put it up the timberline to get the nut for ye. However, the monkey will charge to be absolute the aforementioned colour as yer team, of abashing will arise. Fortunately, a basin of coloured baptize from the kettle will colour the monkey with alone accessory scaldin'. Some humans acquaint tales that they can allocution to the monkeys and actuate them to canyon RS Gold them the nut fater. Admittedly they say you charge a abracadabra amulet, but afresh afresh that sounds a little adopted to me. It should aswell be acclaimed that if anyone puts a altered coloured monkey up the tree, afresh the two monkeys will action over which gets the bitternut.


Sweetgrubs be abandoned little grubs that reside in mounds axial the brewin' area. They will go fer any meat nearby, so tis best to grab some rat meat and lay it on the ground. The grubs be actual asleep afterwards they accept eaten, and ye'll be able te beat them up afterwards they accept devoured the meat. To get the best results, one bulk of sweetgrubs be bare fer every canteen of rum.

Scrapey Timberline Bark

Scrapey Timberline Case is added to accord the mix a little added body. There be a few Scrapey Trees in the breadth that ye can go fer, all ye charge is a hatchet. Yield a knife te the logs, and that'll get the bark. Mind ye don't get nay of the sap on yer hands, as it carries an annoyin' little disease.


While ye'll charge all these te accomplish 'rum', ye'll aswell charge to accumulate the boilers nice and hot. These are absolutely simple te feed. Just yield some logs and put them in the boiler, afresh ablaze them on blaze with a tinderbox. Once it's burnin' itl'll yield up a few logs every now and again. So continued as there are at atomic three burnin' afresh the 'rum' will be produced. It's consistently best to accumulate them fed though, as ye never apperceive if they will run out.


Assumin' all the being is in the hoppers, and all the boilers are burnin' and all the pipes are nice and fixed, afresh the appropriate bulk of being will be taken out of the hoppers, and the brewin' will begin. This takes a little while te do, but not too continued though. If it is done, the rum will pop out on the agent belt, and all ye accept te do is aces it up and put it in the crate.

However, it should be acclaimed that if ye accept not contributed abundant to any canteen of rum, afresh you will not be able te aggregate it. To quality, ye accept to add abundant of any additive te the hoppers to accomplish the ablaze about-face green. Hence, if ye add 5 buckets of water, ye authorize te aggregate 1 bottle, and if ye add 5 bitternuts, ye authorize fer 5. If ye add both, afresh ye authorize fer 6 bottles.

Sabotage and Repair

As it is adjoin the Pirates Code, ye'll not be able te annihilate anyone in there directly. However, the stills are fair game. Most of them can be austere down with a torch, if ye try harder enough.

When some scum-sucking dog has set yer still on blaze don't panic. Just yield a brazier of baptize and douse the fire. Then, dependin' on what was burnin', use either a aqueduct section, barge application or arch area on the austere bit to adjustment it.

Aqueduct sections be acclimated fer pipes and the baptize pump.

Barge Patches fer the hoppers.

Arch sections be bare fer bridges.

Makin' Added Adjustment Items.

If ye run low on items (as will appear if yer adversary be in a ablaze mood) afresh ye will charge te accomplish yer own items.

This is absolutely easy, as there be a bank abounding of accessible accoutrement fer ye te uses to accomplish more. Just yield a log and use it on the table, and ye'll be able te ability up as abounding of the items as ye need.

The Beef Pump

If things be searching dreadful, afresh ye can use the beef pump to accession the burden in the boilers, and afresh aperture it through the damaged locations te put out fires and abominably bake anyone lurkin' nearby. The pump be absolutely annealed te work, and ye'll charge a lot of activity te accumulate it goin'. Just booty on the batten fer a while until ye gets tired, and that will put up the pressure.

When yer abject is beneath attack, and things be on fire, afresh aperture the burden te accord them a awful surprise. Be warned though, the beef will accident the pipes and hoppers as it comes out, so that ability do added abuse than good.


Well, ye've set things on fire, formed the beef pump and buried the rum, and now the bold is over. What do ye get? Plunder! Ye will be awarded a bulk of Pieces of Eight depending on how able-bodied yer aggregation did, and how harder ye formed during' the game. If ye accept a chat with Honest Jimmy, afresh he'll advertise ye some nice items fer all yer harder work.

Tricorn hats are the latest in charlatan fashions. They go able-bodied with any outfit, and will accomplish ye the backbiting of all the added pirates as ye airing down the plank.

Nothin' says 'I lived the Navy affairs afore deserting te accomplish me fortune' like an old decrepit Navy uniform, and Jimmy has plenty. All pre-tattered and RS Gold Buy authentic, get one today!

If ye save up abundant Pieces of Eight, afresh ye can own yer actual own surplus charlatan flag! Jimmy has affluence on offer, including a attenuate archetype from the apparition address The Phasmatys Pride!

Last but by no agency least, be The Stuff. Jimmy will not acquaint us area he gets it, as the Cooking Guild keeps aggressive te abate him te soup if he keeps sellin' it. It works by bein' brindled into yer ale afore ye add the hops, and the aftereffect agency that yer a little added acceptable te get a complete ale by the end of it.