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Runescape Elemental and Rare Drop Tables

Load up on better loot this week as we improve elemental and rare drop tables.

Winners in our drop table improvement poll earlier this year, elementals are long overdue some better loot rewards.

Now, the following enemies will drop more useful, valuable and relevant loot for today's RuneScape:

    Dust devils
    Ice warriors

The rare drop table has had some love too, bringing it up to date for today's game and economy. You'll start to see more lucrative and useful items dropping from monsters across the game, or greater quantities of items you'd have got before.

Braving the elements or seeing that glint from your ring of wealth should now be a more exciting and rewarding prospect than ever before. Enjoy the improved loot, and join the discussion on the forums.

Mod Deg and the RuneScape Team
In Other News

    The January freebie for members - Iron-Fist Smithing - is now available in Solomon's Store!
    Solomon's Store cosmetic items can now be bought directly from the Wardrobe. Just select the item you'd like, click 'buy now' and - as long as you have sufficient RuneCoins - the item will be unlocked immediately.
    It is now possible to use Hearts of Ice to freeze out items related to currently running Treasure Hunter promotions.
    Players joining a clan no longer have to wait to access clan features.
    On leaving a clan a player must wait for 7 days until joining a new clan.
    To help smaller clans maintain upgraded citadels, upkeep costs of clan citadels have been reduced. Upgrade costs have increased.
    The following tweaks have been made to the Araxxor boss fight:
        Players may no longer log out once Araxxor has spawned.
        Araxxor's enrage counter now raises 20% per kill instead of 15%, and caps at 300%.
        Araxxor now drops a new item which can reset the enrage counter. Having the item in the inventory increases the chance of spawning the combat style weaker to the equipped style by 95%.
        Araxxor's sirenic scale drop has been increased to two pieces with a chance of a third.


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