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Old School Grand Exchange Tweaks

Many players have pitched us ideas for how the Grand Exchange could work differently in Old School to how it is in RS3. Particularly popular ideas included placing it in Falador rather than Varrock, or making it available in all banks via the existing Trading Post scenery.

We are currently running a survey to help decide exactly what we should be polling. This survey is to give us a better idea of what the community want from the options we have and will end on Thursday morning. This survey will be followed up with the Grand Exchange tweaks poll later on Thursday which will ultimately decide what content arrives in game.

Grand Exchange Tweaks

The location

The location of the Grand Exchange is something that has been discussed a lot in the past few weeks. Many players have differing opinions on where they would like the Grand Exchange to be.

In response to this we are going to be running a survey with a few options to choose from:

• The Grand Exchange should have a central building located in Falador.

• The Grand Exchange should be accessible in every bank using the existing Trading Post furniture.

• The Grand Exchange should have a central building in north-west Varrock and also be accessible in every bank using the existing Trading Post furniture.

• The Grand Exchange should have a central building in Falador and also be accessible in every bank using the existing Trading Post furniture.

• None of the above.

The favourite option from this survey will be offered in the poll that opens on Thursday. It will need to reach 75% in that poll to be added into Old School.

If none of the options are supported, the Grand Exchange will remain as it was in 2007, with a central building in north-west Varrock and no other access points.

Click here or visit a poll booth in game to vote in the location survey.

Grimy herbs

As it stands in Old School, unidentified herbs are simply named "Herb" regardless of what type of herb they are. This creates a problem with the Grand Exchange. It would not be possible for players to distinguish between unidentified herbs when searching for items to purchase.

Due to this we are going to offer a change to unidentified herbs, changing the name from "Herb" to "Grimy [herb name]". The herbs would still function in the exact same way but it would be apparent what type of herb it is in every state. This would allow us to list the herbs on the Grand Exchange.

If this option does not pass then we will not be able to list unidentified herbs on the Grand Exchange.

Jewelry decanting NPC

One feature of the Grand Exchange in RS3 is an NPC that decants jewelry. This NPC can, for example, turn a Ring of Dueling (3) and a Ring of Dueling (2) into a single Ring of Dueling (5). We will be offering this NPC as an addition to the Grand Exchange.

Potion decanting NPC

The Grand Exchange in RS3 also included an NPC that was able to decant your potions for free. We will also be offering a similar NPC in Old School.

We need your feedback

Let us know exactly how you feel about the proposed changes. Your feedback is always vital when it comes to Old School updates so don't hold back.


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