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Enter into the Runescape Elf City-Prifddinas, there are eight Elven clans lived in their own places. Each clan has their own color and symbol. A Clan Noble is also present in each clan. Today we are going to introduce these clans to you.

The Amlodd Clan is skilled in the Divination and Summoning arts. You may reach this area by using Fairy Ring code DJS to appear on the west side of the twon. In the center, you will find a Summoning obelisk and multiple NPCs to interact with, including Lord Amlodd himself.

In the outer section of the city upon approach, you will find three levels of shadowy creatures similar to those in the Temple of Light, but with a higher combat level. Truthful Shadows are level 98, Blissful Shadows are level 112, and Manifest Shadows are level 126. Shadow cores are a drop from these creatures and can be dropped into the crater to cleanse them for a generous amount of Divination experience. The higher the level of shadow creatures, the higher the core and reward. Level 85, 90 and 95 Divination respectively are required to do this. These can be assigned as a slayer task only by Morvran.

The Cadarn Clan are skilled in Magic and Ranged combat. When the lorwerth Clan attacked, the Cadarn Clan took up the responsibility of protecting the citizens. It is led by Lord Cadarn. This section contains a flax field, spinning wheel, and a loom. The fountain is the Tears of Seren fountain where you can recharge Dragonstone juwellery, such as your Amulet of Glory.

Crwys Clan members are skilled in Woodcutting and Farming and led by Lord Crwys. The trees in this section are not small and grow very different from what you are used to seeing. In fact, they extend deep into the crater. Here you will find 8 spots of Choking Ivy, 2 Yew and 4 Magic trees. This area comes complete with a bank chest and a farming patch for herbs. Crwys workers walking around the area can be pickpocketed if you have 97 Thieving and they will reward you with logs, seeds, compost, farming potions and farming amulets.

The Hefin Clan are skilled in Prayer and Agility. Heading north from the middle ring of this clan, you will find a chapel on a mountain housing an altar to Seren and a strand of Corrupted Seren Stone. At the base of the mountain, you will find Hefin Workers which may be looted with level 96 Thieving for items including bones, prayer or agility potions, and the rarer higher leveled bones and potions.

To be continued... Next time, we will cover the other clans for you. So remember always drop by our web and buy yourself some Runescape Gold.