Runescape Prifddinas


This year, Runescape’s biggest update was the Elf City. Ten years from its mysterious release, the Elf City of Prifddinas is available now. All our Runescape players want to enter into the city to look around. The mysterious city attracts everyone’s attention. However, if you want to have a close look, you need to complete the Plague’s End quest.

Getting to Prifddinas can be a painful trek without teleports, but there are luckily many ways to reach this city without having to go through the forest of Isafdar. If you ever have to walk though, this map of the elf territories will lead you through the various traps and dangers you may face.

In the center of the city, you will find an enormous tower made of crystal, similar to the walls of the city. The function of this tower is to enable the Elf clans to communicate with their goddess, Seren. In the upper levels, you will actually find a fragment of the goddess herself. From the tower, you will have access to four cardinal directions. The symbols of each clan are indicated by stained-glass markings on the floor.

A small Grand Exchange can be found in the ground floor of the tower. This functions the same way as the Varrock location except it is smaller, containing only two bankers and one exchange clerk. You are given the option of teleporting to the Varrock Grand Exchange from here. A Herblore decanter, Rhobert Dail is also present a few steps southwest of the booth.

Players who have level 94 Farming are able to obtain a rare crystal acorn obtained exclusively from either Prifddinas or trading other with players. This can be planted in the patch and the result is a crystal blossom which can be harvested once per day. The blossom will not always be visible, so it is helpful for you to communicate with players in other worlds to find the time where a blossom may be harvested. This will generate substantial experience in Farming and 50,000 experience for the first time planting. The Meilyr Clan, specializing in Herblore, have a use for such a blossom in one of their high-leveled combination potions.

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