Runelabs Quest: Something Clever


Recently, many runelabs ideas have been improved to become the new runescape game content. Some of you really have the talent to create something clever. Something clever is the runelabs quest suggested by UNCL, though it is just a framework now. See the details first.

To start the quest, talk to the fish flingers guy over the waterfall. He tells you there is something fishy about the fish lately and you should check it out. After a few fish, you catch a strange crystal and rock looking chest. You try to open it but can't. So you show it to the fisherman, he tries his tackle box but can't. So he suggests someone in the Trah area might help.

Head over to Lady Trah and show her the chest. She'll comment that she has seen this ore before in part or a new area they are excavating. She'll hand you a pass to allow you to go down into the lower levels of the Trah mine.

So head over to the lift, show your pass and go down a few levels. On the bottom level, you can talk to a Trah worker who recognizes the material and directs you to a side and floor.

You go there and mine the vein to reveal a new room. Inside is an Imcando Dwarf, Azaroso, who has been stuck there for ages. Why an Imando Dwarf? Because you'll never know when you're going to need a dwarf with Magic who has been busy. She thanks you for freeing her, and because of her time in the cave, she cannot see.

Seems there was a cave in when Prif turned into a crystal. She was in the process of creating supports for the structure when it happened. So she needs your help to reinforce the structure since the cavern has a soft red rock ceiling, explains red rock and crystal fleck in prif.

At this point, you could be forced to get obby to make new supports and planks. After the construction part, she tells you the chest is made up of Bane ore. She found some a bit deeper in her cavern.She'll follow you to bane rocks.

To be continued... The framework of this quest is just like the above. More information will lunches at