PvP Improvements and W45 Changes


PvP ImprovementsFollowing The State of PvP Blog, we've implemented some improvements to PvP:Allow Looting Bag in PvP Worlds The looting bag will now be useable on PvP worlds in certain areas. Please note that for UIM it still works only in the Wilderness. You can find areas the looting bag will work in below. VarrockLumbridgeCamelot & Seers VillageEdgevilleRimmingtonCastle Wars EntranceDuel Arena EntranceTele Block Timer Chatbox MessageThere are now additional messages displayed when tele blocked to notify you when 30 seconds remain and when the tele block has expired. Tradeable Tier 10 EmblemsTier 10 emblems can now be traded with players and on the Grand Exchange. To combat emblem farming, the BH world is now limited to players with 300+ total level and 25+ hours of game time. HP Orb Changes The HP orb will now have a coloured background which changes colour if the player is poisoned, envenomed, diseased or a combination of the two. This is to help players that are on low Hitpoints be able to tell if they are under one of those effects.  W45 DMM New Player ChangesThe following new player changes were suggestions from the W45 DMM community to encourage new players to try out the Permanent Deadman world. Protection Timer New players will be given a 12-hour protection timer instead of 6. This is to allow them to catch up to the permanent active accounts. Quest Unlocks New players will unlock the following quests and their pre-requisites: Dragon Slayer, Animal Magnetism, and Monkey Madness. In order to reach the 32 QP requirement for Dragon Slayer the following quests have also been unlocked: Romeo & Juliet, Goblin Diplomacy, and Prince Ali Rescue.Defender Rates The defender drop rate in W45 has been changed from 1/50 to 1/25. The dragon defender's rate has been changed from 1/100 to 1/50. Summer Special It's that time of the year again! If you want to experience everything Old School RuneScape has to offer then membership is essential - and there's currently no better deal than the Summer Special.You can activate your Summer Special through the bonds menu in game or via the billing website. We regret that we'll be unable to offer this deal on some platforms due to the rules of the various app stores that offer the mobile version of the game. Merch Store AdditionsNew lines have just reached the merch store! We're also restocked on popular items like the Vorkath deskmats. Speaking of deskmats... the first new line is a print of the Gielinor map on official desk mats and mousemats shown below. The mousemats are already available in the store and the deskmats are available for pre-order so make sure to reserve yours and avoid missing out! We're also extending the AngelsScapes range of key rings and pins! The following have been added to the store: A Limited Edition Nieve pin (only 250 made so don't miss out!)Achievement Cape key rings in Fire, Quest and Achievement Diary variantsAncient Staff pins with Blood and Ice Barrage variants In Other NewsThe PvP World Rota is switching over to Period B. On the east of the Atlantic, host the Standard PvP world (W25, UK) and the F2P PvP world (W71, UK). On the west of the Atlantic, host the Bounty Hunter world (W19, USA) and the High Risk PvP world (W37, USA).When there are enough players in the LMS lobby for a casual game to start, Lisa now waits 60 secs instead of 30 before the game begins, so that other casual players can more easily get into the lobby to join in. The game will still begin immediately if a full complement of 24 casual players assemble.Players may now bank items with imp boxes in PvP areas provided they are not in combat.Teleporting to a Bounty target who's half-way across an obstacle in the revenant cave will no longer leave you half-way across the obstacle.Players can now sell the right amount of artifacts when trading in large quantities of noted artifacts.Players will no longer be able to logout in the hydra room. They are still able to leave the room when there is no hydra inside via the doors.Players who had a stack of 0 items in their bank called "Useless key" will now have it removed.Beginner clues can now be dropped by scorpions and barbarians on F2P worlds rather than just members' worlds.Some tiles have been tidied up at the last obstacle of the Ardougne rooftop agility course to stop players from walking on themEniola now lets players unlock their bank PIN before considering taking their runes, since it was a waste of runes if one failed to enter the PIN after paying him.The chat message about the molanisk bell resounding loudly throughout the cavern has been added to the spam filter.Stay tuned in the coming weeks for future PvP updates voted by you, the players, some of which include: Wilderness Keys, Zammy Wine Spawns, and Kill/Death Ratio on HUD for PvP Worlds.