Poll 67 Updates and Hosidius Improvements


Following the results from Poll 67, we've implemented the following updates: Adjust Pest Control launch to let smaller games launch more often Pest Control now starts a game much faster if there are the full 25 complement of players in the lander. If 25 players aren't available, it'll start after 2 minutes if there are at least 5 players present, since that's the minimum. It'll also start earlier if there are 5 players and no-one else seems to be embarking. The priority system from 2007 has also been rewritten to work more reliably.Enable Capes in Barbarian Assault The Barbarian Assault role icons are now put in your jaw slot. This change will allow you to wear capes within a Barbarian Assault game. The role icon is not shown on the worn-items side-panel and is updated when a party starts the wave, you leave the wave, or when you change headgear. All cape restrictions when entering Barbarian Assault have now been lifted. If your jaw slot changes to something you were not expecting, please submit a detailed bug report of the beard/moustache you had before playing a game of Barbarian Assault so it can be looked into. Addition of Weapon Category to Combat Options Interface Since the release of Autocasting and Attack Style changes, you have expressed interest in understanding what each item is categorised as. The preview version we showed in the blog had the category written at the top of the screen, moving the style and Special Attack buttons down to accommodate it. Players asked us not to move the combat buttons, so we've launched it with a simpler design that doesn't move your buttons at all. Prevent Hunter Traps Falling from Force Closing Interfaces Previously, if you had an interface open such as a bank, and your Hunter trap had fallen down, it would close the interface. Now, falling Hunter traps no longer close interfaces. One-off Payment for Infinite Lyre Teleports After completing The Fremennik Trials, you may now enchant your Lyre from Fossegrimen for permanent lyre teleports for 1,000 Sea Turtles, Manta Rays, Sharks and Bass. This drops by 200 for each Fremennik diary completed, however, she will not return any fish once you've completed a higher tier of the diary. Fossegrimen will accept noted and un-noted versions of the raw fish and will inform you of how many pieces of fish you still need to give her in order to unlock the Infinite Lyre Teleport.  Hosidius ImprovementsFollowing the release of the Hosidius Rework, we've made some improvements to various content within the city. You can find the changes below: An incorrectly placed range icon in Hosidius has been moved.The Hosidius estate agent no longer wanders out of his building.The mud under the Hosidius house portal is no longer the wrong shade of brown.A typo in Logava's shop has been fixed.An obstructive table and chair have been removed from a building in eastern Hosidius.A district of Kourend has been named as Kingstown on the in-game world map, and some directions in the Queen of Thieves quest have been updated to refer to it.Some missing edging has been restored to an allotment in Hosidius.The music track 'The Forlorn Homestead' now plays at the farming patches in Hosidius, instead of 'Country Jig'.The cow field in northern Hosidius is now a multi-way combat zone to promote more effective bovine slaughter. PvP Poll ResultsOn Friday, the 24th of May we released a PvP poll based on the following PvP Blog. We are delighted to announce the results of that poll below: We would like to thank those that took the time to vote in the poll. You can view the results yourself in-game by visiting any nearby poll booth. We have started development on the integrity changes that were listed in the State of PvP Blog and hope to have some out next update. We want to continue to do PvP cabals with various members of the community including ex-pvpers, clan pvpers, and solo pvpers. This combined with future PvP blogs will allow us to continue making changes and polling content for PvP in the foreseeable future.  In Other NewsThe PvP World Rota is switching over to Period A. On the east of the Atlantic, host the Bounty Hunter world (W18, UK) and the High Risk PvP world (W43, Germany). On the west of the Atlantic, host the Standard PvP world (W24, USA) and the F2P PvP world (W117, USA).The slippers from beginner clues can now be taken to Entrana as they have no stats.A riddle clue now accepts deviant spectres as well as aberrant ones.Some grammar in Bast's dialogue has been fixed.Some grammar on the description of various gravestones has been corrected.The Alchemical Hydra no longer spams you with its "You're stunned!" message.The poll booth has been moved slightly further from the deposit box in the Motherlode Mine bank area.A tile on the Canifis Rooftop Agility Course has been rotated to match the rest of the tiles.Amelia has been moved away from the seed vault slightly because she was annoying.The herblore shop in the Myths' Guild now stocks water-filled vials.