Hosidius Rework and Deadman Beta


The layout of Hosidius house on Kourend has been overhauled. Following a poll, Mod West has graphically reworked many of the buildings and moved sections around to more appropriate places. This careful design should reduce the feeling that Kourend is vast but empty when spending time there. Left: the old Hosidius house layout. Right: the new layout. Click or tap the image for an enlarged version. Tithe Farm  Previously, the Tithe Farm was the central location of Hosidius House and filled an entire map square unnecessarily. It also contained more patches than any player could use at once. To fix this, the Tithe Farm has been shrunk to accommodate 40 plantable locations (10 patches with four spots each) and moved to the south-eastern corner of Hosidius House. Due to the Tithe farm minigame teleport being moved close to the Glade teleport is currently, the Glade teleport on Xeric’s Talisman has been moved to be closer to the player farm, so as to not impact any farm runs. Another notable change is the lack of Logava Gricoller's Cooking Supplies store in the new Glade location. Logava's store has been moved into the main town market, while the building itself was moved to the north of the Vinery. Additionally, the guard dogs have retired from their post at the cooking store. Don’t worry – they’re going to a farm.  Hosidius Town Moving the Tithe Farm freed up a lot of space. To make good use of this (free) real estate, a new town has been built. Most buildings seen in the image above are not new, but rather relocated, and in some cases have had their layout changed. The only new buildings are the ones directly north of the Farmers Market and the rounded building east of the market, which are a Corn Exchange and a Granary respectively. The house of Lord Hosidius has been moved from its previous location east of the Vinery. The chapel has been replaced by a mysterious ruin. The main bank and the pub have also changed location, and a thriving farmers' market has popped up in the town square. Most houses and businesses have been moved into this area the Tithe previously was, this includes: Little Shop of Horace (aka. The General Store), Various market stalls, Estate Agents, Farming Store, Food Store, Church, Bank, and The Golden Field Pub. Note that the southern church in Hosidius has been converted into a priest camp. Following this, the priest Charlie Brown decided to move away from the area. There are a few new additions around the outskirts of this town too. To the south is the new location of the farming patch and the Glade teleport, to the west is a ruined temple and to the north there now features a flax field and some cows. Western Hosidius  Western Hosidius is now far emptier due to the houses being moved into the town, giving more space for the Hosidius kitchen, as well as reshaping of the Mess to have a smaller footprint. Another notable change is Watson's house - he's had a bit of an upgrade.  Ruined Temple Dungeon - aka ‘Hosidius Dungeon’ Those of you who read the original blog may remember a unique dungeon that was pitched for Hosidius house. The design is still a work in progress and can be expected to be revisited at a later date. Forthos Ruin & Saltpetre The Forthos Ruin is a relic of old Kourend, a stronghold that was utilised during the war of the five houses. The old town is now occupied by a small company that operate the saltpetre distribution to all of Kourend. The saltpetre deposits have been moved closer together and a deposit box has been added in the centre of them. The clerk who accepts sulphurous fertiliser donations has also been moved here. The shortcut has been moved farther north and the shortcuts old location now houses a bridge. This improves the flow of the area and puts the spirit tree almost as close to the farming patch as the house portal. Kings Town The entrance to Kourend castle has now been improved graphically and raised to give a more imposing feel. Now that the buildings that used to take up space here are being moved to the new Hosidius Town, there is more room to place parks and houses for the Council within the castle area. This will help create a buffer around Hosidius House and make Kourend look less like a kingdom sized city.  Deadman BetaThe Deadman Permadeath stage beta goes live tomorrow (Friday 24th May). There'll be two playtests and participation is open to everybody! Help to test the Deadman content and enjoy some intense PvP action at the same time. As usual, the beta playtests will take place on a world that doesn’t use your saved game profile – commonly called Unrestricted/Tournament Worlds. This means that you can visit that world and play without affecting your account’s stats, items or position in the other OSRS game worlds, and any progress you make on the Unrestricted World will be wiped when you log out. This means that logging in and out during the beta playtest will reset your state in the beta; players are advised not to log out if they wish to avoid being reset – especially as you can't log in after the permadeath phase begins. The First Playtest The login period will be available at 10:45 (BST) or 09:45 (UTC) The Permadeath stage begins at 11:00 (BST) or 10:00 (UTC) We want as many players to participate as we can get, and it'll be an ordinary playthrough. The Second Playtest The login period is available at 14:45 (BST) or 13:45 (UTC) The Permadeath stage begins at 15:00 (BST) or 14:00 (UTC) We want as many players to participate as we can get, but we'll be killing off a number of you at the beginning of the 1v1 stage in order to test the matchmaking mechanics when faced with a change in player numbers. We'll confirm that the playtests are going ahead as planned by 09:45 (BST) or 08:45 (UTC) from the @OldSchoolRS and @OSRSPvP Twitter accounts. Spring Finals Re-run and Summer Finals For anyone who missed our recent PvP blog, the Deadman Spring Finals re-run is happening on the 14th of June 2019. The Deadman Summer Finals will go ahead on the 22nd of June, concluding with the permadeath stage on the 29th of June. Full details of the re-run and the summer finals can be found here. In Other NewsDeadman / PvP Change: The lever for teleporting out of the KBD lair now respects teleblocks on PvP and Deadman worlds. Once Ilfeen has learned your resonance and will sing seeds into weaponry or armour at their lowest prices, a new right-click quick-buy shop option will appear on her. Additionally, Islwyn has been given a right-click trade option for purchasing crystal equipment. The stats for the un-imbued crystal halberd now change depending on how much the halberd has degraded. This is in line with how other crystal equipment behaves. Imbued crystal halberd stats still stay the same. Players are now able to leave the viewing area of the Rogues' Den by climbing down the ladder. Adamant dragons now play a sound effect when they launch their poison attack, as they do for their other attacks. The toggle to control when the Barrows chest sends runes to your rune pouch or arrows to your ammo slot now works correctly. You can speak to the Mage and Ranging tutors in Lumbridge to check your toggle settings. Shantay now recognises that players have inventory space to buy a pass from his shop if a space will be freed up by deducting the 5 coins. The Shayzien archer practicing on targets has been updated to point at the scenery actually is. The main Herblore shops, such as Jatix's shop in Taverley, now stock water-filled vials as well as empty ones. Ali the Operator now has some dialogue at a certain point in The Feud, rather than failing to respond when clicked. The defend animation played while wielding chinchompas no longer interferes as much with walk animations. Leprechauns now have bank PIN protection. Players who reached zero hitpoints in the Fight Cave as they won, and who were then put outside, should no longer proceed to drop dead out there. The scrying pool views of certain towns have been adjusted to use more isolated maptiles to prevent interaction with the surroundings.