QoL Changes and Warding Feedback


This week sees the release of some changes from recent polls: "Hosidius Rework and QoL Changes" and "Revisiting Older Content". QoL ChangesThe changes listed in this includes some of the changes from recent polls: "Hosidius Rework and QoL Changes" and "Revisiting Older Content". Goldcrafting Interface Changes The gold smelting interface has been improved and now functions with left-click buttons like the bank. Toggle "Deposit Inventory" Button in Bank The bank interface now has a toggle for the "deposit inventory button". This can be accessed by clicking on the bank settings button on the top right of the interface under the close button. Australian WorldsWe've now added 5 new Australian worlds. These worlds will have total level requirements to access them. They are the following: W526 - 2200 skill totalW527 - 2000 skill totalW528 - 1500 skill totalW529 - 1250 skill totalW530 - 750 skill total (F2P)Warding FeedbackRecently, a survey has gone out to over 50,000 of you to get thoughts on the proposed new skill, Warding. Beware of phishing emails - please ensure you check your in-game message centre to see if you have received the Warding Survey. We will always accompany an emailed survey link with an official in-game message centre message. In Other NewsThe Easter event has now ended. If you didn't unlock the rewards this time, they'll be available again from the next Easter event. The Third Age Kiteshield now sits better in female characters' hands when worn.An issue certain tiles on the Meiyerditch wall would push the player unnecessarily has now been fixed.A missing clue has been re-added.The death protection value of degraded crystal shields has been reduced, which makes it more likely that other items will be protected instead. Wintertodt crates previously refused to open if you lacked the space to receive the rewards. You may now accept this warning and the crate will drop any loot that doesn’t fit in your inventory on the ground.Konar's task to slay trolls south of Quidamortem no longer excludes trolls on the western edge of their camp. Elegant kit had become about 8x too rare from medium clues in the Treasure Trail update. This has been corrected.The rate of easy clues obtained via Young Implings has been restored to 1/50 and the beginner clues rate has been increased to 1/25.The Spiked Manacles and Climbing boots (g) collection log entries have been switched around.The click zone for Ring of the Third Age transmogrifications are now substantially larger no matter the item ed. The ring's ability can once again be used in PvP areas.Bones have been re-added to the loot of wolves in the Stronghold of Security.