A message from Player Support


At Jagex, we're always looking to offer the best possible experience to our players, for all of our titles. In this blog - which will be the first in a series - we'd like to address subjects we've seen discussed a lot over the past few weeks: Jagex Customer Support.In this blog we aim to outline the current status of support and the areas we've noticed you would like additional support with. We'll also start discussing what we'd like to do to improve your experience over the course of the coming months.Firstly, we'd like to address some of the points that we’ve seen from within the community:Account Security/recoveryWe have seen many comments suggesting that our account security is not as effective as it needs to be, and that the systems we do have in place (such as authenticator) are not doing enough to protect against things such as account hijacking.There is frustration at the lack of a lost items policy (outside of extreme circumstances).Account recovery difficulties are being encountered.Customer SupportThe belief that the only way to contact Customer Support is via Reddit & TwitterA desire for more effective direct communication channels.That the support centre is a maze of FAQs.Anti-cheatingIt feels like there are too many bots in some areas of the game.There’s a perception that some bans are unfair or false, for example with bans applied when an account is hijacked.Over the coming weeks and months, we want to build on the areas above and build a detailed understanding of what the main issues are for all players - not only those active on social media.To demonstrate our commitment, these are the three things we aim to do this year:1. We will continually survey all players, rather than just those on Reddit or Twitter, to understand what you think is important from a Customer Support perspective. We’ll use this to inform our priorities and measure our progress.2. A series of detailed blogs on these topics will outline plans involving:Upgrading our systemsAccount security, recovery and lost itemsChallenging myths about Customer SupportToxicity in game3. Updating you regularly when things get fixed, released or improved.We won’t promise the moon and deliver an orange. However, Jagex has already scheduled significant work on Customer Support and Account Management systems in 2019. Some of this is already underway in the background, and some won’t begin until later in the year.The reality is that the many of our systems are bespoke, meaning we face legacy issues. We are working to improve our systems and processes, and in 2019 we have already increased our investment in these areas. And there is more to come.We understand that this is our problem, not yours. But we also want you to understand our situation, and then hopefully see why some of the support you currently receive isn’t as good as it needs to be. Please do understand that we are changing that.To be totally honest, there are no quick fixes. These significant issues will take time to tackle. And we will talk about it all as openly and honestly as we can in the coming months.We will be hosting a Big Questions Q&A next week, during which (among other topics) your questions relating to this blog will be put to the team. So please let us know your thoughts on Reddit and the forums.Thank you for your continued patience and passion.Mod Kelvin – Director of Player Experience Mod Mixx – CS Senior Operations Manager Mod Stevew – OSRS CS Manager Mod Beno – RS CS Manager and the Jagex Customer Support team