Crack the Clue II and Treasure Trails Expansion


Crack the Clue 2In 2016 we saw the release of Crack the Clue. After 12 gruelling months of theorising, searching and inspecting pixels, the Helm of Raedwald was finally found! Congratulations once again, Pikachu Yip! The time has come to bring you the sequel to your favourite clue-seeker event with Crack the Clue 2. Gather your friends and spades and delve into the depths of Gielinor to uncover hidden treasures from a secret organisation.Similar to the last clue-seeker event, over the course of the next couple of weeks we will be releasing hints to help Crack the Clue. These clues will be solvable in game allowing you to unlock a piece of a brand-new set of cosmetic gear!Once all clues have been released, the information they provide can be combined to create an especially challenging mystery. The first player to successfully solve it will be forever commemorated in the game. All players who are able to complete the clue will also receive the final piece of equipment to complete the set!To kick things off, here is the clue for the first week: Treasure Trails ExpansionBack in July 2016, we released a Treasure Trail Expansion that included Master Clues, new types of challenges, and new rewards. This year we want your help in shaping a new expansion for Treasure Trails. We welcome all feedback, design ideas, and suggestions to help make this expansion to Treasure Trails one of the best yet. Player Designed Content We want this expansion to be about your feedback, your suggestions, and your designs. For full transparency, everything listed below are just ideas that we have come up with and we would really like to incorporate player designed content as much as possible in this Treasure Trails expansion. Please submit your ideas and designs on the following thread here or email them to [email protected] with design attachments as a JPEG file, including your display name (the name of your character in-game) and using the subject line Treasure Trails Expansion. Players whose design we use for rewards, puzzles, and challenges will have their display name forever commemorated on the noticeboard in Watson's house.So get your ideas out there and let's make this expansion all about you, the players! New Clue Tier (Beginner Clues for F2P) We want clue scrolls to be enjoyed by everyone so we would like to add a Beginner Clue. This short 1-3 step clue will be accessible to both F2P and P2P players and will offer some F2P clue challenges and rewards that you can help design and shape. With Beginner Clue Scrolls, we would like to add a clue scroll tutor to teach new F2P players all about clue scrolls and how they work. Along with the tutor, at the end of X Marks the Spot, players will be given an additional reward of a beginner clue scroll and directed to talk to the new clue tutor to learn more about them. Players who have already completed the quest will still be able to claim the clue. Please note that Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite, and Master clues will remain members only. New Clue Puzzles Following on the success of some of our bigger updates these past couple of years, we would like to add new slider puzzles featuring images of those updates. We would also like to add a completely new puzzle type that could be obtained in Hard, Elite, and Master clues. We are open to any suggestions for challenging puzzles for these clues tiers and for new design images for slider puzzles. Re-Rolling Clue Steps Some clue steps require levels that a player hasn't reached or items that they cannot afford. As an alternative, if a player were to do a specific number of clues, they will unlock a re-roll ability for that clue scroll tier. For example, should a player complete a set number of easy clue scrolls, they unlock 1 re-roll for an easy clue scroll step. This re-roll will generate a new step in the place of the current active step on the clue. There is no guarantee that the new step generated will be easier than the step that was skipped. Stackable Clue Scrolls and Reward Caskets We would like to offer you the ability for players to have more than one clue of the same type in either their inventory or bank. Players will still be able to only complete one clue of each tier at a time. Along with stacking clue scrolls we would like to offer stackable caskets. Upon completion of a clue, the casket you receive can be stored in your bank or inventory and opened at a later time. This will not affect you receiving another casket when completing another clue scroll. Expansions to Existing Tiers There's also the option to add new clues rewards to the existing tiers of clue scrolls, and we'd like you all to come up with and design some content for these rewards. Here are some of our ideas below: Cape of Skulls Pirate Outfit Dragonhunter Crossbow Recolours Gilded Dragonhide Set Sandwich Lady Outfit Gnome Scarf Recolours Heraldic Platebodies Runes Cape Gilded Battleaxe Beekeeper Outfit Double Sai Spiked Manacles (footwear slot) Blessed D'hide Shields Wieldable Balloon Animal Wolf Mask and Cloak Staff of Bob the Cat Treasure Trails Mimic Boss Additionally, we can add a roll to Treasure Trails in which your casket has a chance at becoming a Mimic that you must defeat in order to receive your reward. This Mimic boss will be found on Elite and Master clue caskets and will give you a warning before proceeding to fight it. Upon defeating the Mimic, you will be greatly rewarded. We'd love your suggestions on the boss fight, any reward ideas, and design concepts. Clue Scroll Graphic Changes We would also like to include a graphical change to the way clue scrolls look in your inventory and bank. This is to make it easily distinguishable between the tiers of clue scrolls. We welcome any designs on helping make clue scrolls easier to identify.