QoL Month Poll: Combat


QoL month has arrived once more! As always, we're spending the entirety of February dedicating time to themed Quality of Life updates. This week we kick things off with your Combat related suggestions! For those hoping to see improvements else, fear not, for the following weeks will be dedicated to Skilling, General/miscellaneous and near misses. The schedule for Combat Week is as follows:In-game poll live by 01/02In-game poll closes 05/02Week 2 - Skilling Blog live by 06/02As many of the combat updates given in game from 08/02Edits:Question #7 has been changed from +4 to +5 to match the Serpentine Helmets original stats prior to the later nerf. Questions #2 now includes Blessed D'Hide Coifs  Poll QuestionsPoll Question #1Should the Defence requirement found on Blessed forms of D'hide Chaps be removed? Currently they require 40 Defence to equip.Poll Question #2Should the Defence requirement found on Blessed forms of D'hide Vambraces and Coifs be removed? Currently they require 40 Defence to equip.Poll Question #3Should the player automatically stop attacking Vorkath when frozen by his special attack?Poll Question #4Should Entangle, Snare and Bind durations be unaffected by Protect from Magic?Poll Question #5Should players be able to upgrade the Range and Max cape to match the ammo pick up effects of the Assembler? This would require using Vorkath's head on the cape and would not include the additional bonuses.Poll Question #6Should it be possible to sacrifice Slayer trophy heads on the Dark altar for 2,500 Prayer XP? Vorkath's head, due to its more common drop rate, would award 500 XP instead. Poll Question #7Should the Strength bonus offered by the Serpentine Helmet be increased to +5? Currently it is +3.Poll Question #8Should Weapon categories remember the previous attack style being used when equipped? For example, if a player used any sword previously with the "Defensive" attack style, any other sword will continue to be used with the Defensive style when equipped.Poll Question #9If Question #8 fails, should we instead add an attack style to Dihn's bulwark only to make the combat buttons more convenient when switching?Poll Question #10Should autocast options be remembered when equipping a magical weapon? Each autocast configuration layout will be remembered seperately. Magical weapons which share the same layout will share the spell remembered. For example, the Staff of Light and Staff of the Dead share the same autocast configuration layout and would, in turn, share which spell is remembered. This would only be for non-PvP areas.PK-ers: if you want this change to also affect PvP, please let us know in your feedback to this poll blog and we can consider it. Poll Question #11Should a noticeboard be added to Pest Control which shows the amount of personal Wins for Novice, Intermediate and Veteran Landers?